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I am so used to failing. ...

I am so used to failing I havent told anyone I am on CD. Well my other half knows and he has been good about it, I told him this is my last resort.

I look back at all the tins of slim fast, all those months of trying to cut calories ...:wave_cry:

to be honest I have lost more weight in the last two weeks than I have lost in two years, its quite overwhelming.

So my secret, it will stay secret :D.

Have you told anyone you are on CD?
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Yes and regret it as most people think its unhealthy, I almost feel one friend is just waiting for me to fail, but I suppose that can have an opposite effect and make me want to prove them wrong.

How can this be unhealthy and stuffing my face with junk food all day be ok!!!


Laugh in the face of food
I wish I'd been able to keep it from the people I work with. I'm constantly under scrutiny. At first I heard whispering that I'd never be able to do it, then I heard people say I'd never keep the weight off, when I broke up with my ex and put a bit of weight back on there were the 'I Told You So's'. Unfortunately because of where I work there's no way my dietry habits could go unnoticed. Now I've grown used to the comments about how dangerous this diet is, and why can't I just eat healthily? They still bother me sometimes but I try not to let it get me down, I'm doing this for me and it's no one elses business.
Surfhunny your work colleges are cruel. I am sure CD is 100X more healthy than being overweight and eating the wrong foods. I have a 'friend' who has made sure to let me know that I am bigger than her - yet same friend belittled me when I got xenical from my doctor. Its 'those slimming pills' she would say.

this*time, i hate the folks can be :(


Laugh in the face of food
I agree that CD is way more healthy than being overweight. I am putting my body under less stress doing this diet, it's also getting way more nutrients than it's ever had in it's life lol. I just wish people would mind their own business, it's not all of them, it's the people who how can I say this politely?? People who aren't that bright, who comment about the dangers of not eating, and the very same people who when I have eaten (which happens on occassion) have gone 'Oh my god she's eating!!' Like it's the biggest sin on the planet. I've kinda got used to them being idiots.
:grouphugg: Just think, You`ll show all those doubting "friends" when you swan in, looking & feeling FABTASTIC!!!

I have mentioned to a couple of friends about it and got the "ooh is it such a good idea to OMG don`t do that diet, It`s dangerous!!" so I think I might keep my mouth shut to the rest of them. One of the sisters I work with actually did CD a yr or so back to lose a stone for a wedding and is thinking of doing it again for her daughters wedding later in the yr. So when your "friends" start going on, Tell them that a MEDICAL person is happy to do the diet herself so to shut up ;) :p



Laugh in the face of food
Worryingly, my colleagues are mostly medical people themselves. There's no telling some people, I wish they'd realise that half the hospital is on CD lol


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I've only told my Hubby and Mum. I just cant be doing with peoples comments but there will be a day when I have to I guess as situations arise. All that matters is you know the reasons you're doing this and that it has to be healthier than being so overweight! (It is for me anyway).
thanks everyone ... I will have a sticky day thursday when I have to spend all day in a hall with people I know, a lot of folks hang out in the kitchen too. So I might have a bottle of water in the car and slip out and make my shake in the car ... not sure yet.
I was the same only told a few and they were supportive, at work told pepolewas having cup-a-soups, it worked and 3 stones later they now know and the amount of people who have taken me to one side to ask me about it is amazing lol. Do whats right for you. Jx

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