I am soooo hungry!!!

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  1. Penpen

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    Cambridge Diet
    It's my first day today and I have been feeling really weird. The morning was kind of ok, but then I took my daughter out and we walked around the shops etc for about 3hrs. Didnt have any water and so was gasping and was getting really hungry. When we got home I immediately made my lunch shake and drank about 500ml of water.
    I had to force myself to drink that shake as well even though it was a different flavour and I had put ice in it and used my new blender.
    Decided to go to bed couldnt sleep for half an hour because of a very loud rumbly tummy and I have just gotten up now and I am starving. I am downing my last litre of water but it's not helping much!!!

    Will have my soup around 7.30, but these bouillons am I allowed to have them as in betweenies, like tea for instance??

    Just feel pathetic as I am ready to give up already. This thing is hard!!!!!! :cry:
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  3. cambridge*diet*08

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    hey dont give up!

    i am back to day one again after 1.5 days off.
    although i havent felt hungry today so i guess im lucky!

    keep going and just get to day 3, no more hunger pangs after that!

  4. shazza2971

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    I started the CD last wednesday, supposed to be doing ss but keep having a few protein treats to ease me in, will try to do SS properly next week.

    I was told by my CDC that if you were doing the sole source not to have the bouillon til week2, not sure why
  5. debz32

    debz32 Gold Member

    dont give up !!!

    the first few days can be tough....just keep drinkin the water (no limit !!)... remember why ur doin this and where you want to be in a couple of months - at least 2 stone lighter !!!

    try not to think of it in terms of how deprived you are - this is YOUR CHOICE - you can eat WHENEVER you want to -- BUT you have chosen for a wee while not to eat and to lose the weight that has been bothering you for some time :)

    CD is hard for the first wee while BUT the results are so so worth it - DON'T GIVE UP - the worst is over by day 4 !!!

    stick with it - you can do this.....

    Debz xx
  6. It IS hard for the 1st few days. You're doing fab though. Keep drinking as much water as you can. and have a boullion too. I'm on day 7 and had a sneaky weigh in on my own scales this morning(proper weigh in tomorrow!!) and I've lost 10lbs so far...maybe more by tomorrow?? It really is worth it to find that 7 short days later you've lost the best part of your 1st stone. Keep at it... and have an extra pack if you really are struggling... That's better than giving in!
    Good Luck.

  7. carlax

    carlax Full Member

    you can do it penpen , give it a few more days it will get better ,
  8. Porgeous

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    Just to echo what everyone else has already said, don't give up, grit your teeth, the first few days are tough but it will get easier. As Deb said, think of it as a choice you have made rather than being deprived.

    Good luck hun xxx
  9. Penpen

    Penpen Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Thanks everyone, you are right it is my choice and I can eat if I want to....but I won't!!!
    Have just tasted my first soup and it is delish.Feel so much better now, will deffo have more soups than shakes I think....

    Penny xoxo
  10. Hedgehog

    Hedgehog Gold Member

    you sound like me towards the end of my first day, it started out fine but by the end I was feeling so sick at the thoughts of the shakes, I was searching the net for what diet I was going to switch to, but I woke up feeling much better the next day.

    The shakes still made me feel sick but I had contacted my CDC and she would do some swaps for me to tetras but she couldnt see me till the end of day 3 so I knew I only had to stomach them for 2 days and things would change.

    It was the best thing I ever did, and I havent looked back

    Best of luck for day 2 but if you are feeling crap taking the shakes do contact your CDC to have a chat and maybe consider switching to tetras :)
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