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I am starrrving and all I can think of is foooooooooodddd!


Nojo on the YoYo
Yup, it's that time of the week again - Weigh - In Wednesday! :cry:

Hate hate hate.

i have had 1 banana, 1 cup of green tea and 4 ryvita wholegrain crackerbread (dry).

Want spud. Want salad bar. Want... BOILED EGG for some unknown reason.

Why do I do it to myself? WHY!?

Any suggestions on light foods that don't weigh much for me to eat?
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One girl in my class told us that she starves herself on WI day & my consultant said she often has a fry-up before hers (SW style of course) & says what you eat on WI shouldn't affect your actual WI.....
Are you anywhere near a morrisons? They sell plain boiled eggs in the chiller area, that would be fine before WI! I eat up until around 2 ish - not sure if you are veggie, if not I'd have some cooked ham/chicken or perhaps some tinned fish.
I think food and drink can add a few lbs! I think a pint of water weighs about 2lb if i remember correctly?!

I would do what you've always done though. Like, if before your first weigh in you ate and drank normally then do the same before every weigh in. The same as if you starved yourself before your first weigh in then do the same... and you'll get a true result each week :)


Nojo on the YoYo
I just went the canteen and got a salad bar - one boiled egg, some salad leaves, 3 peices of cucumber, a spoon of tuna and a spoon of cottage cheese -which tastes really nice so I am suspicious that it isn't a FREE version, gah.

But I am GUTTED! Cos it's the EID buffet at my work today. Ihave decided that EID stands for 'Everything Is Delicious' after seeing the rows of trays of lamb curry, kebab meat, tandoori drumsticks, pitta breads, chutneys, raita, chapatis, pilau rice and chips they have in our canteen right now.

I know the WI result will probably not really be affected that much but for me it's all psychological. I can't eat on WI - I need a good loss today to keep me on track!
I try to stay away from heavy carbs on wi day, so eat salmon, chicken bits, eggs, and veggies, and fruit. Or how about some soup?

My consultant says it doesn't matter either, and that even if you ate cake the weight wouldn't show up until the next day.

Good lucky tonight! x


Nojo on the YoYo
well, cake weighs less than a pint of water, so theoretically I could have cake and have it be better for my WI result today than my pint of water would be.

But food doesn't magically become weightless once it goes down my gob, so am trying to go for light foods that will fill me up.
Yeah... i think it takes a day or two for the weight to go on.. but i'm talking about the actual physical weight of the food i eat before WI :)
awww that buffet sounds soooo yummy too :( i feel for ya!


I ♥ Slimming World :)
I agree with Beki, you really shouldn't starve yourself anytime, weigh in day or not - SW is the best diet ever just keep following it and you'll lose weight. If you are hungry, eat :)

As stated, your weigh ins are relative to the previous one, so if you had normal breakfast lunch and dinner today and you haven't done previously on WI day then your WI may be (very slightly) higher than you might want - but from the following week onward you would show all losses correctly!


Nojo on the YoYo
Nah I couldn't start eating on WI day! I want my loss more than I want tandoori chicken drumsticks. Besides, am not actually STARVING myself - you can see from my post that i've eaten, i'm just not embracing the free food list as I would normally, that's all.

Plus I like to moan, haha!
i didn't say don't starve yourself! :p cos i do! LOL :rotflmao:

i've got weigh in tomorrow at 10am and nothing will pass my lips before i go! then i've weigh-in at the docs' at 3.45 so will have to be VERY careful what i eat and drink all day! probably just sipping on water and having 2x ryvita w/ tuna and quark... then a loooovely big SW dinner after the docs' :D


Nojo on the YoYo
Ooooh Beki how jealous am I of 10am Weigh In - I wouldn't be arsed about the quack WI - SW WI is ALLLLL that counts, I want my round of applause, and not that lousy sympathy applause that you get when you've gained or maintained (eg 'Vicky has put on 2lb this week cos she's a Weigh Day gutso but has lost 10lb in 5 weeks so lets all CHEEEEERRR YYYAAAAYYYYYYYYYY' NO! Refuse the pity cheer! I want to be in with a shot of getting my hands on the bag of unwanted tangerines, I want want want WANT it!! And I don't even eat oranges, ha ha ha!
LOL :rotflmao:

our fruit basket is fab! yes.. we get a lot of tangeringes (!!!), BUT we also get mugshots, leeks, home-grown herbs, options hot chocs.. oooh the possibilities are endless :rotflmao:
I didnt realise how many others are just as paranoid as me about what to eat on WI day! Annoyingly my class isn't til 7pm, I eat such a light lunch that by the time Ive weighed & got home from class (gone 8pm) I feel like I could collapse from hunger!! :eek: