I am starting again x

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  1. Pink starz

    Pink starz Sexy abs....sooon !

    Starting Slimming World
    hi everyone hope you all well x

    I am starting again, i was going through a tough time last time with personal stuff and got the flu so there was no way I couldn't focus.

    This time i am ready for my challenge!!! I not gonna tell my family this time 'cos they put me under pressure to come off last time saying i was being unhealthy and turning anorexic cos i wasnt eating ( never mind that the pharmasist is fine with it as i got 3 stone to lose) I think they just wanted me to stay heavy.

    Well my sister has now told the family she is getting married at the beginning of August and there is absolutely not way in hell i am going to be the biggest bridesmaid in the photos LOL x

    So I have been and got my sachets, and i am starting just now!!!

    I am 12st 11lb and am taking it in small steps, my first goal is to get into the 11's mark ( even if it is 11st 13lb 3/4) it feels like forever since i been in the 11's and i will get a facial as a reward, my skin should be glowing by then with all the water anyways x

    I know the first week is the hardest so any support would be fabulous.....How did you all do? it what was the hardest bit and how did you overcome it? I prob gonna be on everyday cos reading about all your fantasic results is really motivating me.


    sammie ( wish me luck, i might just need it )
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  3. harriet2

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    welcome samantha

    you sound like your raring to go and full of enthusiasum...just the ingredients for a successful weight loss! also that and the fact that youve got something to aim for (getting into a teeny bridesmaids dress) will also spur you along so get going and itll soon drop off...im sure youve seen some of the massive weight losses already on here so that should show you how effective LT really is :)

    h xx
  4. LizzieB

    LizzieB Silver Member

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    Good luck:) I'm sure you'll do fine
  5. lillie

    lillie weighs a lot less

    hi sammie the first week is quite hard but you sound focused and that always helps after the 1st weigh in it becomes a lot easier as you know all the hard work is worth it WATER is the best advice it fills you up until ketosis kicks in and all the trips to the loo keep you away from the fridge good luck and just log on to here when you are struggling there is always lots of support on here i couldnt have done it without all the nutters on here x
  6. Pink starz

    Pink starz Sexy abs....sooon !

    Starting Slimming World
    thanks for all the support x i'll keep you posted on how i go x x
  7. lakisha

    lakisha Member

    cambridge diet
    good luck , i havent told my family either especially my mum that i am doing LT as she will tell practically everyone she knows.
  8. fattothin

    fattothin Gold Member

    Lipotrim 1st time
    Good luck Pinky keep us all posted, you sound really positive so I reckon you'll do it easy.
    Also let us know how your fascial goes;) x
  9. foreverhope

    foreverhope Full Member

    Slimming world
    You can do!!! goodluck xx
  10. Best of luck darling be stay strong you can do it im another one who has'nt told my family that im on lp!!!!
  11. TracyJ

    TracyJ Gold Member

    Good luck sammie, you seem to have the right attitude this time xxx

    BIGMAMA Full Member

    good luck sammie, if you have a goal like a wedding then it will make it easier to do. don;t blame you for giving up last time cos i have got the flu had it about week and a half and really feel like giving up and stuck on it even though my mum made eat some dinner last night( she does not knoe i am doing lipotrim either) but do feel better for it this morning. it is a hard diet in the first week and when you have got flu it is near impossible to keep it up al i can say you will find all the support and hugs you need here on this forum, the are all fantastic!!! keep logging everday if you can and it will keep you inspired. xxx
  13. ScotsDistraction

    ScotsDistraction Full Member

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  14. Daisybank

    Daisybank Hmmmmmm!

    Hi - good luck. Happy to support you, just ask! :)
  15. Bea

    Bea Back on the wagon!

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    Cambridge +
    Best of luck - you will well there by August!!!
  16. Pink starz

    Pink starz Sexy abs....sooon !

    Starting Slimming World
    Thank you everyone for your positive words.... I really do feel like i in the right place this time x

    Well almost 1 day done and i still rareing to go, and my bf says my breath is rather pungent, oh how sweet!! any other time i would be paranoid and angry but i actually happy means i starting to go into ketosis........ time for the listerine strips i think LOL!!!!

    I hope everyone else is feeling good

    Positive thoughts to you all

    sammie x
  17. lillie

    lillie weighs a lot less

    glad you are feeling so positive im addicted to the strips xx
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