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I am trying SO HARD......


The Diet Guy
Drink some water! Helps loads



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Have you anything else you could substitute, a piece of fruit or something?

Those Maltesers are evil! Youre almost there, only 30 mins to go :)

I know, not long to go... I dont know WHY I have the sudden urges for them!! its bizarre. :(

Sadly there is nothing else edible here at work, only sweet things in the small canteen.

I have eaten all my lunch etc... so nothing left!! think am going to have to bring lots more munchies to work from now on. :)


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Sadly there is nothing else edible here at work, only sweet things in the small canteen.

I wish more canteens/vending machines would stock fruit etc. We have 7 vending machines at work. 3 do crisps and chocolate 3 do cans of coke etc and one has sandwiches, milk, cakes etc. Be nice to have one that did non fizzy juice, fruit etc


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Phew!!! made it without pouncing on a packet, devouring in an instant and then feeling guilty about it... thanks for helping me not succumb everyone. :)

Time to lock up, commute home and find something nice for tea now. :D

Catch you later.

Deb x


Not dieting ATM!
Hey just dropped by to help but noticed it's 5.01pm hope the situation was gotten over without any casualties.

Dizzy x


Back again!
Haven't been around much today and what do I see when I log on!!! THE M WORD :eek:

Hope you resisted those Maltesers Deb, you know they're evil, they would only have filled you up for 5 mins & then you'd be craving something sweet all evening. Stay strong, so close to goal now, you can do it.



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I did resist M/Dotty.... :eek:

Had a lovely tea of Quorn Korma + broccoli & carrots...it was smashing.!!! I love Korma. Came to the same points value too as a packet of 'M'. It was a close shave though....Maltesers are my favourite choccies... and I have been known to scoff a whole box!! eek! :p :p :p

So much nicer to have had a proper tea! My halo hasnt slipped much yet!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D

Deb x


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This is obviously why I have a weight issue as I'd happily pass on an evening meal for Minstrels...in fact that's exactly what I did last night...stayed within my points though!