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I ate 1 slice of toast :O(

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So yesterday - i ate one slice of brown bread toast with a small bit of bertolli spread.

It was SOOOOOO good. Bread is/was my biggest vice.... very quickly followed by milk chocolate. I love its smell, i loves it's taste (brown not white) and i love it when its warm...... or the fresh stuff that just come out of the bakers at the supermarket and it smells really yummy. I would cut off the end of a bloomer loaf and spread philadelphia light over it and gobble it down. mmmmm

I even once gave up bread about 3 years ago, and i lost just under a stone.....

Its ridiculous. Im not into big meals - i'm what you call a picker. I always open the fridge when im in the kitchen just to look in it and see what i can pick at - even if ive already been in the kitchen seveal times that day....

I don't/didn't even eat bread and/or chocolate every day. It's because it was there, in the cupboard, in front of me. It talked to me. My 'thing' for chocolate can be controlled - i dont need to pick at choc. But bread..........

Anyways - i wanted to confess. I feel guilty - but not guilty enough to not do it again. I'm shamed by my partner tho to not do it again.......

I'm in my forth week of this diet now and am starting up swimming again. It's much easier now than it was the first and second week - but i honestly don't know how to begin stopping my love affair with bread...........
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ive never really had a problem with bread but on this diet i absolutely love the smell of toast. you must remember that you did stop at one slice so hopefully you havnt hurt ur chances of losing this week.

however i hate being mean but you need to realise that bread is a BIG NO NO on this diet because it has alot of carbs which will kick you out of ketosis. if you really are that bad with bread lock it up and give your partner the key.

since as you say you lost alot of weight just giving up bread this may be your trigger so im sorry to say u mite be better off switching to wraps or bagels instead of bread in the future. i know this is hard as you absolutely love bread but if you want to keep the weight off after refeeding you must get control of your "bread love".

good luck with it as i know this is difficult my vice is fizzy drinks an i tink ill be better off wen i start refeeding NEVER to drink fizzy drinks again. EVER!


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well as you have eaten bread you have no doubt knocked yourself out of ketosis so expect to feel hungry etc for a few days untill your body gets back into ketosis.

Why are you not guilty enough to not do it again? By that i'd ask the question as to whether you are committed to this diet? I dont mean to sound harsh but this is a total food replacement diet and you can't just have a bit of toast when you feel like it.

Admittedly it will take time for your 'bad' eating habits to change but come on - in your fourth week and you just had it cuz you felt like it? Most people are flying on this diet in their 4th week.

I apologise in advance if you take this post as me being nasty but its not intentional.
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My nemesis is cheese! That needs to be locked away from me at all times!!!
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It's tough hun... and bread is definitely my vice too!

I think you need to avoid temptation as much as possible or it will be a slippery slope. I hope it doesn't impact your loss this week hun!

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Not good enough woman! Not good at all. You should feel guilty because what's happening here is you've gotten to the fourth week and are starting to feel like you can handle it again -I have made this mistake on LT many times! Your OH shouldn't be the reason you carry on, YOU should be the reason -wanting to do this should be reason enough.

You're going to knock yourself right back if you're not careful -no more!! NO MORE!!!

I hope your WI isn't too affected, and I hope you find your motivation upping again.

S: 14st6lb C: 13st0lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.7 Loss: 1st6lb(9.9%)
i have no excuse

I am commited to this diet - i just find it v.hard. I don't think until you actually do this diet that you realise how much your life revolves around food. Especially if your overweight.

No one was being harsh - in fact i think its necessary. I understand ketosis, and i understand the consequenses - i dont know what made me eat the toast - its never been a problem during this diet - mostly because bread has not been around.

Your right - i have been feeling hungry - but i've been drinking lots and lots of water since my slip and it seems to be keeping hunger at bay.

I'm definately doing this diet for myself - i want to look and feel nice and more importantly be healthy and a good example for my son. My partner knows this, and so he encourages me when he knows im feeling low - im very lucky with him - he even bought me a brita filter for my water!

Anyways - thanks for the kick up my bum x
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I have to say I agree with what's been said - obviously there's nothing wrong with eating bread when you're eating normally, so you shouldn't necessarily feel guilty about it...but it's concerning that you're not more annoyed with yourself for jeopardising the diet. Just a warning - it's a slippery slope thinking you're above the rules, or that you can cope picking occasionally where others can't - you will find it much harder & probably not see the diet out to completion with a mindset like that.

But, resolve not to do it again, be prepared to have to get back into ketosis again & good luck for this week!

S: 18st12lb C: 17st2lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 36.5 Loss: 1st10lb(9.09%)

let's not be too hard on lalala- we're all human and temptation can be hard to resist. Well done for fessing up and for getting back on it. I think the main thing is to keep your end goal in sight. You'll get there hun- just avoid the beautiful (yet soooo evil!!!) bread and you'll be fine.

Hugs x
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Yeah was thinking of this ya know -it's perhaps a good thing not too feel too guilty because that's just another end of the scale which can lead to slip ups. So I hereby retract my earlier comment that you should feel guilty -PISH! No. I think we do enough beating ourselves up without guilt over a slice of bloody toast. You are aware of what you've done and are dealing with it so YAY! I do apologise...

I stand by the 'No more' bit though ;) :D

irish molly

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lala, well done on facing up to your slip. We must remember that when we cheat, we cheat only ourselves. This diet has to be for ourselves and no one else. Hope your WI won't be adversely affected. Chin up and keep going.
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Don't panic - I was right back on track till I had some bread AND a little Green & Blacks chocolate yesterday! I HAD lost 3lb already since my Thursday WI and now it has been knocked back to 2lb but I WILL be extra good till this Thursday and so should be back on track and down around 4lb+ next WI.

Just don't get stressed about it - all these little cheats do add days and weeks to the journey though and I really don't want to be on chicken soup and chocolate milkshake for the rest of my life - and I'm sure you don't either! :)

Who said buy bagels and wraps instead? They are just different types of bread :)

Anyway, I have made some terrible slips involving bread, cheese, fish, chocolate, red wine... (what a meal that was - joke!) but I am within a few lbs of losing 3 stone!

Keep going lalala - one slip in a week is no big deal but NO MORE this week - you need the positive reinforcement of a weight loss on your next WI!
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Keep going lalala. Try and put this behind you quickly and get back to being a 100%-er.

Like you say, you understand ketosis -you know how Liportim works. You have the knowledge, you have the willpower too as you've done it for nearly 4 weeks. You have the motivation - you proved that by posting here, which tells you and everyone here that you WANT to succeed. And, you have support from your family and this forum.

I hear your pain, carbs are my traditional weakness too... But we can ALL do this. I'd say most of us have slipped up at some point, but the important thing - with any setbacks in life, not just LT - is to persevere and get to the end of what you are trying to accomplish.


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I feel your pain, im a bread, potato carb monster and I know what its like. I have seen a pattern on the forum that quite a few people have blips in their 3rd or 4th week. But thats exactly what it is.. A blip! It happens, just carry on as normal and forget about it. Thats what I did and I know now there will be no more blips for me!!

Good luck!
S: 15st9lb C: 12st8lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 3st1lb(19.63%)
Thanks jarym - that's bookmarked for my post LT diet...
S: 14st4lb C: 12st12lb G: 9st9lb Loss: 1st6lb(10%)
Thanks jarym - that's bookmarked for my post LT diet...
Just watch out, I just found out from the reviews its extremely high in fat :-( However, when I Google'd there were a lot of low-carb bread mixes around and some seemed to have more acceptable levels of fat.
S: 15st9lb C: 12st8lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 3st1lb(19.63%)
Yeah I googled too and found a number of alternatives/variations - but thanks for the warning ;)
S: 14st6lb C: 13st0lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.7 Loss: 1st6lb(9.9%)
whoop whoop!! -6ilbs at my weigh in!!

I did belt it in the swimming pool last night though, and will be going on a thursday & Tuesday with my weigh in's on a wednesday morning from now on.....

Thanks for everyones advice and support - this diet is really hard, and with my partner eating for england (he's a bean pole with a v.fast metabolism) and my little boy eating all the time around me - i think ive done pretty well so far :O) thats now 20lbs in 4 weeks......


irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
S: 21st0lb C: 12st12lb G: 12st12lb BMI: 27.4 Loss: 8st2lb(38.78%)
Well done lalala, great loss. alls well in the end.

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