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I ate

Ok, i dont know what happened! i had a fantastic first weigh in on Tuesday but last nite i had a crappy day got home and ate quite alot!

I said to myself that i wouldn't stress about it but as soon as my bf came round i burst into tears!

I'm back on track today but feel so stupid cuz it was really hard for me in that first week and now i have got to do it all again with even worse cravings!

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Hi Emma,

If you have not eaten since last night and taken your CD packs and water you may well get into ketosis in the next twenty four hours perhaps a little longer.

Hang in there, all is not lost.

Love Mini xxx
Hey Emma

I totally agree with Mini here nothing is lost at all.... the thing to do here is to not eat anymore... back on your packs and you will be fine!!!!

The worst thing that you can do now is to dwell on the fact that you have eaten cos you will start to beat urself up and that will make you feel bad.... think of it like this... there is nothing you can do to change what happened last night... but you can change what is going to happen today... its all in your control!!!

Please don't give yourself a hard time... you are only human after all

Big hugs xxxxx
Thanks guys,

I am on my packs again and not actually feeling that hungry!

i know ive got the worst to come again but im going to get through it, mainly from using this site!!
You really might not have to go through the bad times again..... fingers crossed and you might be lucky this time!!!!

Keep in touch and glad you are not feeling hungry!!



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ive been on the diet 8 weeks and atched everyone fall of the wagon and get back on . im not going to do that i thought ,not worth the pain afterwards . i did it ,chips ,beer etc .granted not loads but enough . put on two pounds but mentally it was the best thing for me ,made me realise that i want this and ive only myself to blame for the hardship ( nobody else is making me do it ) . you will hear it a hundred times on hear but accept it and move on . i was back in ketosis by next teatime , didnt suffer ( shouldnt really say that should i)
Thank you,

It really has made me realise that i want this more than anything, otherwise i would not be here today back on my tetras and I definatly would not have balled my eyes out over it

Im back and stronger than the last time.


i love minimins me :)
hun dont worry or get upset over it, as others have said u can turn the clock back jus draw a line under it


and start again :)

Hey Emma,

Don't worry about it chick - it's only natural to have a little blip and it won't have done any long term harm if you are back on it straight away.

Now's not the time for worrying about yesterday, now is the time for worrying about today and the actions that you are in control of.

Stay strong xx

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:hug99: Don't beat yourself up about it hun, you may not be able to turn the clock back but you can certainly go full steam ahead now. Think about the 9lbs you've already lost thats a great achievment in it's self be proud of that!.

Good luck with your continuing jorney....xxx

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