I ate


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I forgot to have a pack at breakfast time, then I forgot to take anything to work with me too. In case you don't know I work in a food shop so the temptation was just too much. I was feeling very light headed and hungry so I had to eat before I passed out. I had drank about 3 litres of water and waited over 2 hours for the feelings to go but they didn't, so I ate a sandwich.:(

straight back to ss tomorrow I hope with no problems
Don't let this get to you! You've done really well!

It's just a minor blip... and its nice to see that ur ready to get right back on track rather than persecute yourself! :)

Well done... for trying to use the water first!

For the future: Be more organised ;)

Well done on the 12 lb loss... :)
thankyou both. I thought since I havent had any of my packs today I might as well wait till tomorrow to have them then I wont have too many extra calories inside me.

I'm really thinking now that I mustn't have been in ketosis properly because of the bars I've been having for the past week. I shouldnt have been hungry should I?
What a bummer - I almost forgot my food packs this morning too and don't know what I'd do if I did. If I worked with food then there would be no chance of me not eating anything. Nevermind, it was just unfortunate, but maybe just remember to pack your foodpacks into your bag before you go to bed so you don't forget in the morning - I find that helps me.
Hi babe,
you must have your food packs or you will miss out on the vits and things your body needs also you will feel hungry and need something,might be tempted to eat more so I think you should have your packs.I am sure a CDC will be along soon to help you out,
You must have been in Ketosis to have lost 12 lbs in two weeks!

I just think that your body will have gone aaages with nothing as fuel! It's perfectly natural for you to have been so hungry!

You did really well trying to use the water first to stop ur hunger... Just let it go!

I totally agree that you should get bak to it straight away! :)

Wishing you the best of luck!

Yeah defo continue having you food packs... or you end up eating or sorts of rubbish when you're starving later!!!
Try thinking of it this way, there is more to the success of the diet than just the amount of calories you consume.

If you don't have all the vits & minerals you need then your moods are more prone to fluctuations. If your moods are more prone to fluctuations then you are more prone to be be a bit more down than normal, if you are more prone to being a bit more down than normal than sticking to the packs is going to be harder than normal.

You deserve to be healthy and get down to the weight and size you want to be so forget the calories and have the packs as recommended so you are looking after yourself ;)
Thanks for all of those replies. I still haven't had any of the packs yet but will definately have one in a bit, don't think I'll be able to get 3 down though.

I know I need the vitamins and everything but I'm not hunry at all any more so won't be able to force that much down.

One thing I will say though, for all I've been fantasizing about food a lot lately, it didn't taste nearly as nice as I imagined it to. So as long as I don't cave into the hunger I am sure I'll not be craving food for the sake of it after this. Well not for a while anyway.
At least you ate for a good reason of being really really hungry without foodpacks and not because you couldn't stand SS ing any more- that means you'll be alright and sorted once your body gets over it's little shock of actual food and you're back in ketosis!

12 pounds is brilliant you know-
I'm chuffed with 9- but 12- go girl!
And you made a good choice by having a sandwich - it could have been a few packets of crisps and some chocolate bars!!

Well done for being controlled. Have a pack tonight and learn from this experience. Take more packs than you need to work and keep them somewhere so that if you ever forget your packs again you have some 'reserves'. :)
I'm hanging my head in shame tonight too! :rolleyes: :eek:
similar thing.. forgot my bar for lunch as was away from home... come the shakes and faintness i had to eat.. :mad: feel crap, bloated etc tonight.. but determined to get back down to business tomorrow!

Come on... you can join me! ;)
thanks for saying it was a good choice, I thought it was pretty bad myself with it being full of carbs. better than chocolate though you're right there. I'm glad it was for a good reason too :)

Purple hugs sorry you had this today too, we'll get right back on track and lose another few pounds in the next week I hope :)
One thing I will say though, for all I've been fantasizing about food a lot lately, it didn't taste nearly as nice as I imagined it to. .

Never does...Never a truer word spoken. I think its the idea that grows to mouthwatering proportions and then BLAM reality of it hits...

Oh the mind!

Anyhoo, Supernanny bekcons!

Good Luck!