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I blew it last night

Guys, I'm so gutted but I proper came off the plan last night, me and partner have been on an emotional rollercoaster the last few weeks with house hunting and we made an offer last week and was on tenterhooks for 2 weeks as to whether this was gonna be accepted and yesterday we finally got the good news and we'd told we had got the house, so to celebrate I just ate loads! What am I gonna do?
I had starbucks Frappuccino light (8 syns), 2 no dairy milks (10 syns each), Lion Bar (not sure how many syns) chicken in blackbean sauce (without the chicken), boiled rice, 1/3 portion chips, 1/2 portion prawn crackers!!
I have blown it haven't I?
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No - you haven't blown it - you've celebrated something rather important in your lifes.

This is a lifestyle plan/change, not a restrictive diet. And life will always throw little things like this in the way of our wish to loose weight.

It wa a special time - you're not doing it every night - just draw the line under it having enjoyed it and get back on plan today. One day does not have to mean a ruined week.

You could attempt to claw back some syns by being restrictive for the next few days or you could just go on as usual if that's easier for you.

Can't say you will have a loss/maintain next weigh-in, but the important thing now is that you get back on the plan and back in control.

Congratulations on the new house btw. :)


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Hey Davey1984 - I agree with IanH you haven't blown it at all, we all have certain reasons to celebrate at times and SW is suppose to be a healthy eating plan not a diet :) Just drawn a line and move on to being 100% back on plan. You never know you may even get a loss at WI :D

Oh and Congrats on your new house :D


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Don't cut out your syns totally - I usually reduce my syns to 5 a day when i've had some sort of a celebration day

Good luck for weight in - do update us on how you got on :)
I wouldn't go without syns completely as this is likely to make you feel deprived. Perhaps try reducing your syns to maybe 5 a day.

Or just draw a line under the day and continue 100% on plan until WI. If you have a STS or gain you know why it's happened. As others have said "life gets in the way sometimes" which is why SW is such a great plan.

Congrats on getting the house you wanted.

You definantely haven't blown it and you shouldn't cut out syns totally for the next week. At least you kept a track of the syns - on monday I had a bagel with cheese, beef and mayo, packet of crisps, millionaire shortbread, bottle of coke, halfpounder with cheese, and a cheese and ham baguette. I am too scared to even think about the no of syns so for the rest of the week I am just sticking to 5, having a few red and green days rather than all ee and if I have gained at next weeks Weigh In, its my own fault. I won't be doing it again - mainly because the thought of the food was better than the reality of it (especially the burger!).

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