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I Braved A FlapJack!!


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:jelous: :jelous: :jelous: :jelous:

Just tried a bit of the peanut one - the after taste is nice but i cant stomach it in my mouth! I threw it away and had a shake instead as I have one spare.

Just got one of each this week - not looking forward to trying the coconut one but gota be done aint it! lol :jelous:
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A little of everything!
I rub cinnamon on them and drink them with lots of hot black tea? It's the only way I can take either of them!
Well done for trying them though!


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maybe thats an idea - dipping them in tea - but then again i dont like black tea lol
i wondwer what they'd be like broken up a bit and softened with a couple of tablespoons of hot water?

not tried either yet and that might be a horrid suggestion, lol!


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How about peppermint tea Summer? Dya like that? I find it's a lot better than black tea because it doesn't require milk. Black tea just isn't the same as a proper cuppa for me!
I'm actually getting a taste for green tea now...even managed not to have a latte in motorway services and asked for a cup of hot water and added my own tea bag.

As for the flapjacks...I have weigh in tonight and was considering the coconut one....I may just try it in the shop and then if it is that bad I'll make sure I have the rest as shakes.
How many flapjacks can you have in balance with shakes?


Here we go again!
Hiya summergurl. I tried the peanut flapjack on saturday and like the coconut one could only stomach 3/4 of it. I wish I liked them tho cos it would be really good for work and going out for the day.

Never mind, like you said at least I tried them, they're just not for me!
Haven't tried 'em, not interested in having a go either. I'm really very happy with my shakes....I always save the chocolate one until my evening meal.....I really look forward to it!!!.....never dreamed I'd be without real food for nearly a month now, and feeling as good as this!!!


I will be skinny again!!!
they are disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol


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I have just actually ate a whole coconut one. It was sooo much better than the peanut one but i defo wont be getting them again for a while i dont think.

I dont mind the coconut one, it was actually alright but just dont think i am ready to be 'eating' or 'chewing' again just yet ... silly i know! lol

But, i will just stick to what has worked for me so far, choc shakes and soup!

cheers guys hehe xx


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Hmm .. i think i will have to see how i feel at next weeks weigh in but at the mo i am happy with liquid! lol
I tried a peanut one today and didn't like it! I feel the same with the chewing thing, I will try a coconut one as I have got one, then I think I will just stick to the shakes. x


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believe me - the coconut one is sooo much better!
I will give it a go! Thanku. x
I asked the pharmacist and she said they don't stock them anymore because people kept bringing them back and they kept going out of date...I think that says it all to me ;o)

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