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I braved it!


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My poor daughter will be 4 in July and has only ever been swimming three times.

So yesterday I braved the walk of shame from the changing rooms right around the other side of the pool to the toddler pool and took her swimming. She LOVED it. I'm determined to take her more often. She has no fear of water at all and of all 3 of my kids is the most likely to jump in any kind of water without thinking. She NEEDS to be able to swim asap.

So I've done it once, I can do it again. Planning to go tomorrow and then with hubby at the weekend. Hopefully at the weekend I'll be able to swim a few lengths while hubby watches Isabelle.

I did it :D
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Well done Annie! I know that's a big step for you, so bl00dy well done :)


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Well done Annie, keep at it, think of all the body magic, even if you have your daughter with you you are still moving around in the water even if you don't get a few lengths done, and make the most of it when your hubby is there.

I'm not brave enough to take that step yet. I can't swim and my son is 7 and he cant swim either, i dont' want him getting to my age and not being able to swim still. Well done you though!! xx


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im the same my son will be 4 in june and hes been swimming once, how sad.

well done you.xxx


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Well done Annie that's great.

My twins are 2 next month and have never been and as I can't swim I'm determined not to let that happen to them. My husband is a fantastic swimmer so this summer is going to be there one where we get them swimming, will also look into swimming lessons as they get older, it's great excercise...



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Well done Annie, I'm so pleased for you and your little one. I bet she loved it.

My daughter's 6 and we live next to a river, one which has flooded 3 times in the last 3 years. We moved here when she was 2 and a half, I was determined to have her swimming, not only for her fitness, health, hobby/interest but as a life saver. She had been swimming with me before as we used to live in Spain and we were at the pools and the sea everyday. But I got her booked in for lessons when she was 4 (they won't take them any earlier for lessons) and last weekend she passed her stage 6, she now only has 1 stage left to do then she's finished. She can swim 400m and can do all the strokes including butterfly (which I can't do), she can fetch a body from the bottom of a diving pool and dive from the side of the pool...and she's 6. to say I'm a proud mama would be an understatement :D She's the youngest in the stage with all other kids being at least 8. My mum keeps saying she wants to see her in the Olympics in 2016 :giggle:

I'm sorry for showing of and hijacking your thread...but I just had to boast about my baby...lol


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Hi Annie

Why are the toddler pools always on the other side of the main swimming pool?!

Such a positive post... and now you know you can and have done it I'm sure there will be no stopping you.

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Wahey Annie!!!! You know what's extra good about, you're excited about doing it again! Fantastic xx


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Thanks everyone :D

Yes it was a bit of a major event in dragging myself there. The stupid thing is more than likely, no one even looks at me. Or if they do it's only for a split second so why do I go into a panic thinking the whole world is looking at my wobbly bits? Daft eh?

I've promised Isabelle we can go again tomorrow. Twice in one week? LOL and I was at the gym this morning. I'm very much in danger of getting fit hehe.

Ninja.. wtg for your little one! We were taught to swim when we were very young and got all our life saving awards by the time we were 10 and I am a pretty good swimmer tbh. My two older kids are good swimmers too, so I do feel a bit guilty about my youngest not being able to swim at almost 4 years old. But I'm about to put that right. She is very confident in the water, it's just a case of getting her off on her own. I'm not suprised you're a proud Mum, so you should be. I think swimming is one of the most important things for kids to be able to do.

And for all you non swimming ladies, get yourselves in the toddler pool, I'm sure you'll love it, but what you'll love most is seeing your kiddies having a whale of a time.


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I can't stress the importance of being able to swim...
My eldest was 5 last year when we went to Greece, one night we were sitting outside the hotel having a meal when he came up to the table dripping wet through. He had been playing with his friends and had tried to reach an inflatable ball which someone had left in the pool, when he fell in... OMG I would dread to think what would have happened if he hadn't been able to swim.
He has swimming lessons at a private pool every Monday night, and we have just enrolled his younger brother who was 3 in February into the same pool..
As they seem to no longer teach swimming in schools, it is up to each and every one of us to ensure that our kids can swim... The sooner the better..



Trying again!!!
Well done Annie, that's great! I can't swim and each year before we go on hols my hubby says that he will teach me but the thought of putting on a swimsuit fills me with dread! Now you have started to go you should keep it up! xx

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