I can do it!


I joined this group around Christmas, I decided that was it I was sick of being a flump. I worked so hard to get slim, then I fell pregnant and being slim went out the window.

But 2012 is my year. I measured myself new years day. I had a 47 inch waist! 37 inch is what I wanna see at least!

Measured myself today and I am ecstatic to say, the tape measure read 44 inches!!!!

I am now going to take up slimfast, so many special offers and will stop me eating crap!

I will get back on my exercise bike for 1 hour a day. And I've just completed 3 reps of 12 of the "bicycle" exercise. And 2 of "the plank", 3 more before I can go to bed!

They are exhausting but the recommended stomach shrinking exercises :)
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Right, done my exercise this morning as I am at my mothers tonight! Eep, she always does HUGE portions so I shall be saving lots of calories for that and will walk the dog when at hers too!

I. Can. Lose. Weight!!

Exercise yesterday 3 reps of 12 "the bicycle" and 5 reps of 10 "the plank".
Yesterdays measurement 44in waist

Today's exercise 3 reps of 12 "the bicycle" and 5 reps of 10 "the plank".
Today's measurement 43in waist (not sure how I managed that.

6in to go, for now.