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I CAN do this, WE can do this!


Slimming down the aisle
I've woken up this morning and for some reason, my whole attitude and approach is completely different. Lately I've felt like the road ahead was such a long one I didn't know how I was going to do it. Months without food, depriving my body. But over the past couple of weeks I've tried to change that thinking, I'm not depriving my body of anything, instead I'm giving it something. I'm giving it a new lease of health. I'm giving my joints a break so they don't have to carry around an extra 100lbs of fat. I'm giving my heart a break so it can take it a bit easier pumping blood around my body. I'm getting so much more than I'm giving up. We all are, we just have to stop thinking that we're hard done by with this diet and that we're deprived, no, we're making a sacrifice, it's different. Sacrifice is about giving up something that maybe is important to us, that we like and want but for something so much better. I don't know about you guys, but for me, my health is so much better! And I would do this diet 10 times over if it got me to goal, where I feel good about myself, I'm more confident and more healthy.

Today I just seem so much more positive about CD and my journey as a whole, almost excited because for the first time in possibly ever, I see what's ahead of me. My goal isn't just something written on my little yellow card, it's something I can see ahead of me, it's something that for once feels within my reach. For once I know that I can get there. To be honest, I think it's completely because I've given up the woe is me, the poor girl who has been robbed of all her lovely food to have powdered shakes and soups every day for months, instead of thinking how deprived I am, I'm thinking how I'm making a sacrifice for the greater good to enhance my quality of life and probably the length of my life too. I think that once we get to that point, CD isn't such a chore anymore, it's a positive decision that we know is worth while. I don't even like using the word diet anymore!

Anyway, I'm going to stop rambling now, I do that a lot, sorry!! Hope that somehow my rambles help someone.
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running strictly on fat!
Great post Carol - that exactly how I feel about my journey.
And that's the main reason why we WILL DO IT!!!

Have a smashing week hun xxx


Perseverance is key
That's a great post hun and completely spot on!! :) xx


Slimming down the aisle
Glad you're both being so positive too, think it takes you far!


likes to post
Great post caroline, it really hit home for me, especially the wow is me part, not really about the food, but about my job, I've been "woe is me" about the job for months, and its because I feel like this that I come home and cheat/pick, I've got to give up the "wow is me I hate my job" mentality and just get on with it and not let it spoil my cd journey,and stop me from getting to goal, at least I have a job, and at least I have to money to enable me to do cd.
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Great post Caroline, just what I needed on a blah Monday.
Agnes x
Thanks for that bit of positivity, I'm just starting again and its helpful to remember we are doing great things for ourselves in the long run. Just got to keep on keeping on!
fab post :0clapper::0clapper::0clapper:
you have hit the nail on the head there it is about having a better life and we only have one crack at it


Slimming down the aisle
fab post :0clapper::0clapper::0clapper:
you have hit the nail on the head there it is about having a better life and we only have one crack at it
I think that's what I've realised, I have one shot and one shot only. This september will be my one shot at graduation, I don't want fat photos. I don't want to get to 70 and look back at all the things I wish I'd got to do but never did because my weight stopped me physically or mentally. One day I want the whole fall in love, get married, have kids... I don't want fat wedding photos, because hopefully I'll only have one shot. I want to be able to run around after my kids and not get puffed out. I don't want my kids to be embarrassed by my and get comments from other kids about how fat their mum is. This summer I'll be going for interviews for graduate jobs, I want to be able to do that with confidence in myself, in how I look as well as how good a candidate for the job. I just don't want to have regrets based around my weight really, so it has to change.
Very good post Caroline.. SO glad your feeling positive!!!

The shakes are our special medicine that we NEED to take to get us to where we want to be... the start of a new journey..staying slim! Ive always looked at my shakes as medicine...ive said it on here time & time again...it helped me stay on track...and not think of the 'diet' as a hard done by chore...and more as a MUST DO...thing.

Yes we have days where we could eat the wallpaper.. been there done that! but getting off to bed early...or having another shake is the answer... fight through the demons!


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