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  1. Karma365

    Karma365 Full Member

    Hi all,
    I'm starting fresh today on juddd, have previously done so many other diets and am thoroughly sick of the yo-yo effect.
    I have put on a lot of weight and now is the time to lose it. I have been avoiding social outings on a major scale due to embarrassment about my size. Also my fitness has gone completely, so will work on that simultaneously.

    i need the support and commitment that comes with an online diary, so here we go day one as a massive fatty.

    Down Day today
    according to the online calculator , my down day kcals are 467.

    food today shall be 4 shakes at 115kcals each and a splash of milk in one tea. I'm hoping that by drinking the calories today I won't feel as hungry.

    Plenty of water too.

    I'm not working at the moment which makes it tougher to stick to diet, so will work on that too.

    Wish me luck.
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  3. Karma365

    Karma365 Full Member

    I'm thinking about tomorrow and my ud calories are 1800. I'm thinking it will be better to have three decent meals and two/three healthy snacks. Well my last snack of the day will prob be a little indulgent.
    ideally I would like to have a big salad for lunch with mackerel or chicken thrown in and something carby for dinner.
    so tomorrow the plan will be to maliciously weigh out the salad stuff so that on other days when I fancy the salad I know the quantities and calories. Bit painstaking for the first day but after that it'll be grand.

    Will do the shopping tomorrow with my meals in mind. Have a great day everyone.
  4. Irish-Ozzie

    Irish-Ozzie Full Member

    lol "maliously weigh", did u mean meticiously?

    Best of luck with it.
    Last edited: 22 February 2014
  5. Karma365

    Karma365 Full Member

    Hehe, def not malicious.
  6. Karma365

    Karma365 Full Member

    So going well so far. Have had two shakes and am feeling a bit hungry. I'm drinking some tea now to take the edge off before another shake.

    Wet, dreary day so have not done any exercise BUT have a very active day planned for tomorrow.
  7. Karma365

    Karma365 Full Member

    Currently doing out my shopping list, an thinking of substituting shakes with soups and salads maybe. I've also realised I can eat the same dinner as my boyfriend on an UD rather than making two different meals, and still be on track.

    what does everybody else eat on down days? Do you eat/limit carbs?
  8. Karma365

    Karma365 Full Member

    Just woken up all ready to climb mountain with boyfriend but the weather is too bad. Will postpone and hopefully get to climb it on Wednesday.
    I had the nicest sleep and woke up feeling refreshed, delighted that was able to stick to down day calories yesterday.

    Whilst I still have to weigh every thing today to get an idea of calories, food today will be

    B. omelette with two eggs, one White, mushrooms, pepper, onion, some chicken and some cheese.

    L. Large salad with mackerel or salmon

    D. Homemade chicken curry with brown rice

    As I'm a snacky person, there will be 2/3 snacks thrown in, not sure what yet.
  9. solo12

    solo12 Guest

    Hiya, here to subscribe :) x
  10. Karma365

    Karma365 Full Member

  11. Karma365

    Karma365 Full Member

    Hi all,
    Thoroughly enjoyed my UD yesterday without going too over board, I did eat too many biscuits though, so def need to work on that. Think I'll try give up both biscuits and bread, as I can eat copious amounts of these once I get a taste.

    So it's my second down day today, have 467cals to play with. Have not eaten anything yet, but my plan is
    soup x 2 portions throughout day @ 100kcals each
    salad @ 100kcals
    3 egg white omelette, with weigh mushroom, onion and red pepper.

    Im also going to go on a three mile walk tonight, to pass the time and burn some fat hopefully.

    How is everyone else doing today?
  12. Willeatanything

    Willeatanything Full Member

    Sounds good K, seems like you've got a plan of action. How much do you want to lose?

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  13. Karma365

    Karma365 Full Member

    I have a huge 3stone and 2pound to lose and when I do lose it I am determined to say within a 5lb range, sick of yo-yoing.

    getting hungry now so soup or salad methinks.
  14. solo12

    solo12 Guest

    I love the positivity!! You can definitely do this!!! :) enjoy your soup / salad
  15. Willeatanything

    Willeatanything Full Member

    Its always such a good motivator getting into the next stone bracket. I suppose we have just got to relax into the routine and just go with it. :-D

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  16. Karma365

    Karma365 Full Member

    Thanks guys.
    need the rain to stop by 6.45.
  17. Karma365

    Karma365 Full Member

    Down Day

    400g Chicken and veg soup spread out over day 200kcals
    Small Salad(salad leaves, cherry tom,red onion,grated carrot) 60kcal
    3egg white omelette, with 10g low fat cheese, mushroom, onion, red pepper 125kcals
    100ml skimmed milk for tea 55kcal

    Total 440
  18. solo12

    solo12 Guest

    Awesome day! Oh eck have I mis counted my milk - I had 100ml semi skim as 50 calories? Thought you should have got more for skimmed? Sorry if I'm been a pain :)
  19. Karma365

    Karma365 Full Member

    no your right actualy 100ml is 34cal for skimmed but i only weighed first cup of tea and guestimated other 2 so im alowing for error!!

    doesnt look like i'll b walkin today in this rain :-(
  20. solo12

    solo12 Guest

    Oh ok sorry I'm stressing coz I so want this diet to work for me :) sorry your walk isn't looking likely, do you have bad weather? Do you do a lot of walking? Am hoping to start walking on up days once kids back at school x
  21. Karma365

    Karma365 Full Member

    Your grand, not a problem.
    Only gotten back into walking last few weeks after doing nothing for about four months. Prior to that I was really, really fit and then It just got too hot to do anything(was living in Australia at the time) so now I'm starting off with walking. Want to go to gym but feel a bit self conscious.

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