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I can eat food!!!!

Ok, so after 15 weeks of SS, my CDC has finally agreed for me to start SS+ :D This should start to get me settled into eating food before I go on holiday and as my recent weight losses have been slow, we're hping this will give my body a kickstart!
Who wouldve thought I'd get excited over a bit of chicken and broccoli, but it was FOOD!!!
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Enjoy it hun! There is something very emotional about your first supper! lol :D

Are the weight losses good on SS+, etc?
Well cant speak for all but ive lost 4 stone in just under 4 months ..personally im well chuffed :D who knows might have lost a bit more on SS but could never have done no food ,ohh btw that includes 2 weeks in florida eating :D
Hi Angel! Like MrsEssex, I've been on SS+ quite a bit, and thoroughly recommend it! It's been working for me :)

I'm surprised you've been on SS for so long - didn't think you could stay on it for more than 12 weeks.. again, as MrsEssex says.. I admire you for sticking with it for so long.. that's the kind of dedication that will see you sticking with ss+ for as long as is right for you..

All the best!
Just curiosity, how did you cook your chicken/broccolli? I worry that it will all get a bit boring.... have got to get some recipe ideas together for when i venture into allowed (not cheating!) food. It must be exciting... we must sound blooming wierd to 'normal' non cd folks getting all excited like this! xx
We're all different, but my CDC gave me some great advice - she said: If I were you I wouldn't go to town on getting recipes etc.. just think of it as like another pack.. just a different one.. that way, you'll stick to it like you're sticking to the CD packs, and you'll think of it as a treat without going overboard..

that's really helped me. I keep it really simple. I just grill a small chunk of chicken or fish, and have it with asparagus, lettuce or cucumber. And that's it. Nothing fancy... although I do have a few tubs of herbs/spices eg paprika, ginger, garlic, oragano, thyme.. the usual things.. that I might sprinkle a little over.. but really that is it - there's only a tiny bit of food added - which feels like loads compared with SS - but for me it's so important to just think of it like another pack.. then I know I'm still 100%, and I know that I'm 'doing exactly what it says on the tin' :) I think it's about keeping the balance.. and, somehow, keeping an eye on my mission, and enjoying the step up to a plain piece of chicken that doesn't look like a meal.. I love it.. but it is a careful step to make.. to my mind I'd rather have slightly boring food and a great life these days :)

all the best,

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lol, there must be something in the water as I have spent most of the evening thinking (and drooling about) what fresh fish I can buy at tesco tomorrow...(am on ss+)

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