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I can not believe how some people can be so horrible!

All i ever want was to rant, and to "fit in". But no matter where i go i just do not get accepted :( (except here, love you all)

Over the past few weeks, with all my problems etc (no human to talk too) i been posting over in the FHG forum on ebay, and all i got was p*** taking Tw**s ripping me. So i stopped posting.

Then i get accused of being someone else posting.. (i lurk) NOW the past few days i have seen threads about me ?

I am so upset, wish they would get their own life. They are so nasty, i am so hurt about it, i know it is only a forum but still

Wish i never ever posted over there now, they are stalking me! (i have 13 watches on an item i am selling).

Sorry had to let it all out..

Feel better now..
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Loves being slim!
I've heard ebay is like that, don't worry it's not just you. It really does have a reputation, so I'd avoid it.

I post on DS and some other forums you'd never have heard of, but this one is the best so far. (Ds is second, I learn everything about the world there. but stay out of the BB section that can get heated lol)
Take off anything you are selling and think about changing your user name on ebay, or close your account for awhile, then set up a new one later. Don't let them get you down, they are ar**h**es not you.
Thanks guys..

I did actually get a new name, and all i did was post over on the community question and answer forum about a problem with ebay (couldnt find buy it now).

Next thing then few days ago over on the FHG Some T**t decided to change their name and it included my old name and my new name, then had a link to my post along with proof it was me (screen print off my county which shows up with user id). and my spelling and grammer etc. I could not believe it!

Every newbie that i have seen posting their lately, some replys have said it is me?

It is terrible.
Don't let the Bs get you down

I know I haven't really chatted with you but your replies to other people are always thoughtful and kind and you don't deserve this treatment - ignore it !! (so much easier said than done, I know)

It can get quite lively on here but folk seem to be respectful even if the don’t agree with you. I haven’t noticed any name calling or anything like that yet.

Aislinn x
omg i find that very sad and disgusting u just ignore them they obviously have nothing else better to do hun !!!!!
what does fhg stand for??
I've fouind the ebay forums very liek that. Ignore them hun, if only they could see what we see, a wonderful young lady with a heart of gold!
FHG is family home and garden forum on ebay! I am in a discussion with them all now, not only me being bullied, its calmed down a lot.. have gotton alot of our chests.. I think they thought was an attention seeker because i spilt all my problems out on the forum. (stupid) ..

Thankyou so much guys, your all so wonderfull..

Irene, well done on your loss with WW, i tryed it i lost 4 pound in my first week then went completely off track! (stupid) hence coming back here. Really enjoyed though.


Strong women stay slim
Hi ! its still classed as bullying , its like if its done in schools they take that very seriously . But its people who really have not alot else todo , sad !

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