Step6 Maintenance I can prove u can do it :)


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I just wanted to do this for anyone struggling and perhaps needing some motivation, i started my cwp journey on the 24.4.12 so im fast approaching my 1 year anniversary!!
On this day i weighed in with my cwp councillor at 15st 6lbs, in 14 weeks id lost 3 stone and was starting to feel great. My original target was to get to 11st 7lbs so with a stone to go i decided to come off of ss and start going up the steps / eat healthily. And i also had a short stop of alternate day dieting and i joined a gym :)
Since christmas i have been going at it alone - trying to eat well, portion control, healthy choices but still of course TREATS!!!! Every saturday i eat what i want, i need this day to focus on or else id totally fail!!!!!
I weigh today 10st 4lbs.
I have lost just over 5stone in 12months and my god i feel a totally different person, yes i had massive struggles, cheating, hair falling out in clumps, feeling low, tired, sick, fed up u name it i felt it!!!
But today i have a balanced diet of high protein, high fibre, veg, fruit, salad (whole foods basically) incorporated with my new found love of excercise!!!
I am getting married in 6months and i know i will be in the best shape i could ever be in on this day. I WILL be happy and confident in myself.
I am testing myself massively in may by running 5k for Race for Life, 1 year ago my bmi was obese and i could barely climp the stairs let alone run 5k!!!!! But im determined to do it.

So everyone just keep going, u can do it - its so worth it my whole life feels amazing and my huge smile tells my whole story. Good luck xxx
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Wow! You look amazing well done. That's great news that you have managed to lose/ maintain after such a great lose. It gives me confidence that I too can do it..... When the time comes

Pink Tulip

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Wow, you look fantastic! Well done.


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Wow you look amazing!! Youve just given me the dose of motivation I needed xxx

sarah-louise x

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Well done, you look amazing!! Thank you for sharing your story, this is exactly how I intend to do it too :) x


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This post is just what I needed!!

Almost exact story regarding my start weight and target :)

You look fab and gave def gave me hope xx


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You look fantastic. I'm 9lbs off goal and it's so motivating to know you can keep it off. I'm so sick of people saying 'you'll put it straight back on'

Well done you :)

Lynne - week 24, 86.5lbs down 9lbs to go... :)


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S: 13st5lb C: 13st5lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 32.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thank you everyone :) im glad its helped as i know how hard maintaining can be, ive been no saint but everything in moderation :) xxx


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You look amazing!!! One day my overhang may go. Lol x


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Wow congratulations . You look amazing and you must feel fantastic