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i can reach my feet again ......

It's a really good feeling knowing you have feet again. I have just discovered I have bones in my bottom, sitting in the bath is now uncomfortable and so is my chair at work. Ho hum have to go on the hunt for a well padded one tomorrow.Lol.
Does anyone know why there is a massive white space underneath my signature?
Because all the details in the blue box (your stats) need the space :)

Nothing to worry about. I fill mine up with spam xxx


Trying to stay healthy!
Good for you ej! it's such a great feeling to rediscover parts of your body again isn't it! i also have bum bones which hurt when in the bath now, but it's worth it!!


Dieting Rambler

Size 14 Here I Come!
oh touch feet without struggling.....bones in bum ....ribs.....all sensations I am looking forward to feeling for myself:D
Speaking of eerie effects, our conference room has glass walls so passing it every day. This morning I passed it and caught my reflection and I got an impression of "wow, you no longer look obese, check that out!"

Also discovered baggy clothes and my long skirts are so much ... LONGER! Anyone else had that?

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