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I can't beleive I'm back

I'm feeling really down about this, I can't beleive I'm back - 11 motns after I first started!!!

I'm finding it much much MUCH harder this time, this is the third or forth time I've re-started the first week in about two months....:cry:

My counsellor does not have a returner group so I'm in with the management group whom I don't know at all and I find that quite hard....

I'm also so embarrassed about seeing people, as it's obvious I've put on the weight again...:break_diet:

So I guess I'm fishing for a bit of support... I have two stone to lose and would like to be almost there by mid-September

Sorry to be on such a downer
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Welcome to MiniMins!

To help get through the first week it can sometimes help if you split one or two of your packs and make two mini meals out of each one and the gap between your shakes is shorter and it can help balance out the blood sugars and reduce cravings until your back into full ketosis... splitting one pack might be enough in the evening if that is your weakest time, have one half at six and the next half at 8 and get to bed early...

You might find that you need to split all of your packs if you have the time to do it...experiment and you will find out what is working for you. Just psychologically knowing you have the option to do this can be enough to keep you going.

Just make sure you make each half up fresh and consume within 15 to 20 minutes as some of the vitamins are water soluble.

Two stone is not all that much to lose and this could be part of the problem as you know LL works and in your mind you are getting to the end before you even start if that makes sense.:rolleyes:

Focus on the now and begin once again with taking new photos and your body measurements and set yourself some long term goals but more importantly mini goals that are achievable. Getting through the first day is a good one and taking each day as it comes and before long you have a week done.

Remember you have done this before and you can do this again.

No point in beating yourself up as that only keeps you stuck.

Turn your failures into positives by asking yourself what it is you need to learn this time and build on what you have already learnt.

Sometimes the most familiar is the most unknown.

Love Mini xxx
Hi, I"m just returning to lighterlife - I've put eight stone back on and although it's the first time I've gone back to lighterlife, I tried cambridge about eight times between leaving lighterlife and starting again. Completely understand how you feel and two stone is so easy to put on, nearly cried when I couldn't eat dinner last night! - I'm on my second day of packs today - I've gone back to basics though and trying to remember how I felt the first time, I'm doing all the things they made us do the first time round and I'm going to play with food packs only once I get really sick of the shakes. Last time I made crisps with the soups in the microwave - they really helped me get through Also, sparkling water with water flavourings, it makes a nice change to water!

You have to give yourself a pat on the back for going back and knowing that you did it first time round just remind yourself how good you felt - that's what's going to keep me going. Stick with it and you'll lose it in no time!


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ladybyrd, I was weighed last night and have gained 25 pounds. So today I am back on the packs. Hang in there and look forward to the good feeling of being in ketosis and not pining for food. I am trying to lose 4 pounds a week, which will keep me motivated to do all the right things. Keep in touch x
i am also returning to LL after putting on over 2 stone. totally gutted as i lost 5 stone last year and never ever thought i would allow it to creep back on. i start this evening and cant wait to get some control over my eating again. good luck - we can do this again!! x


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Hi Hooley,

Welcome back :) I am in a similar position to you - lost 5 stone and dropped off the programme before I got to goal, have since put on a few pounds and am back determined to shift the last 30lbs or so.

REALLY struggling. I am find it impossible to get through a full day without lapsing - have no idea why - I really want to get the weight off, but my head just doesn't seem to be on my side. Going to go through my goals, old Foundation book etc... hope that helps :)

Keep in touch - be good to have a group of us supporting each other xx


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Hey Anna. :)

Perhaps mentally you're not completely 100% ready to do LL right now... You may KNOW you want to do it - but maybe you don't FEEL like you *need* to anymore. After keeping it off fairly successfully for the last few months - it seems like you are actually pretty happy with where you are now. So something at the back of your mind is sabotaging any attempt to change what you have achieved thus far.

However - which are you chasing now? A number which you "need" to be? Or an an ideal at the end of the 30lbs - which may very well not come? I found that when I reached 'target' after my second bout of dieting on Lite - that happiness never came. ... It took a long time coming to terms with that.

Though; if you are lapsing on a daily basis - perhaps take it one hour at a time. Visualise your goal at the end of every hour, and most importantly occupy yourself!



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quick update.....have dropped 7.5 pounds this week. Have had to fight through the rough feeling of the first week, but what a start! Feel great and in control. I am gonna do it this time. Would really love to know how you are all getting on....
Speak soon x
You have taken the first step, so congratulations on that. I'm the same as Amelias Mum I lost 8 stone, dabbled in CD and put it all back on. Starting LL next Thursday night, so looking forward to it, it's another LLC so I am nervous, but it's also a new start.

You have to stay focused and it's 2 stone, give it another few weeks and it will all be gone, you know you can do it, I used to have packs as breakfast, lunch and dinner, now there are 4 packs as I had on CD I will have one as soon as I get home from work which is a big trigger point I always have something at that time and another about 8, which is about the time I would normally have dinner. I found splitting packs made me more hungry, but worth ago we're all different try different things and find out what works for you.

Well done on the 7 1/2 lb !!!!!



Releasing the goddess
S: 14st11lb C: 12st10lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 31.5 Loss: 2st1lb(14.01%)
thanks Mel! Let me know how u get on. Had a weigh in tonite, lost 2.8 pounds...so the 2 stone will nearly be gone if I can keep it up.
Speak soon x

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