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I can't do it :0(


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2 bad days out of 7 is not really bad, best to go as it may not be as bad as you think.


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Hi Annabobble..... hey don't beat yourself up.. Rome wasn't built in a day and it is past now.. so just go and think right ... that is what I did and now I am back on the straight and narrow....

You will be fine.. no one is perfect.... you can do it :)
I just feel like everytime I do well, I go and gain the following week. I went and did 30 lengths at the pool tonight and I went to the gym the day before, do you think if i did another spout at the gym tomorrow before I go to weight in it would help??


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How many times do you have a birthday? Once a year? You are lucky that you got yours and hubby's in the same weekend. That is only one WI effected by the merriment. So what? you still have to live and that is the beauty of SW, it's a lifestyle. You enjoyed yourself, right? Back on plan as of now, draw a line under it and move on. If you have a gain it will be gone next week x


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Taz is right, dont beat yourself up about it, I bet you will be surprised when you weigh in.
anna go get weighed..................and start the week afresh.......all of us have good and bad weeks.......your only human you know don't beat yaself up about it.....cos we have all been there........:)


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Definitely go to weigh in, it will motivate you for a whole new week. And besides, the damage may not be as bad as you think it is. I'm surprised sometimes when I've been pretty naughty on a Friday night or a Saturday, and so far I've always had a loss by Thursday weigh in, even if it's only half a pound. Good luck!
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Hi don't worry - we are all allowed a treat!! Go get weighted and then start again - as someone else has said on here Rome wasn't built in a day. Life is too short to worry about one bad day - keep going you will get there.XXXXX


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Ditto all the above! Go to WI and then start a new week...

You will be ok


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I want to scream!!! I've got weigh in tomorrow night and I've been really bad, it was my birthday and my husbands birthday the weekend and all I've done is eat and drink all the wrong stuff. It's my own fault I know, but I really don't want to go and i'm dreading it :break_diet:

Hello there Annabobble,

You haven't been 'bad' just human:sigh:. Weigh-ins always cause me anxiety even when I've been 'good'. I just hate to let anyone down:sigh:.

The thing is, you are at this point today because you have developed an unhealthy relationship with food. This takes time (and effort;)) and does not go away just because you start dieting.

The person who does your weekly weigh-in will know how difficult it is some weeks and will not judge you for not losing on certain weeks.

However, we just love to beat ourselves up for each and every 'mistake' we make, focus on it, tell ourselves what horrible people we are, and then eat to make ourselves feel better:confused:. Crazy or what?

That's probably where you are just now Anna. Thinking "what's the point, I'm just a failure and will never make it. I can't go to the weigh-in tonight and fail in front of everyone else." Believe me, you are not alone with those thoughts.

One of the things I am trying to learn is to get back on track when I fall off the wagon. With me it's an 'all or nothing' thing, one mistake and that's it. In reality, as Fatbunny says, it is just a couple of days out of the week. Get things in perspective Anna. So what you've ate too much for your birthday. draw a line under the day and start again the next day.

Finally, stick around here on Minis Anna. Browse through a variety of threads, read others' experiences and advice. You'll find loads of help, support and friendship here. You are not alone with your weight-loss battle.

Good luck with your weigh-in today. Take your courage in both hands and go along. Post here later and let us know how it went, how you felt before, during and after.

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