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I can't do it!!

i tried to start SS on hols, had a strawberry and banana shake and thought it wasn't a good idea to start when i was away due to there being lots of drink and food about...

I started properly today and have had a butterscotch shake for brekki a ready made banana shake for lunch and i have just had a chicken and mushroom soup for dinner... The thing is they are aaaaalll horrible!! I got all flavour shakes... are they all this nasty?? I have never had a salty banana before or wall paperpaste strawberry... I was really excited before i taseted the stuff.... AARRRGHH!! :wave_cry:
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The flavours are a bit strange the ones you yhink ypu will like you don't & vice versa-thats my experience anyway.
Just keep trying the different ones & you're sure to find at least 1 you like :patback:
I thought they were all horrible too, first day I was ready to jack it in. I practically live on chocolate tetras now and the odd ch&m or tomato soup, I've never found any of them salty though.
It's not real food or real drinks so don't expect them to taste like it and you wont be disapointed. THats my philosophy on them! I actually don't find them bad at all!


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I was excatly the same on my first day and found them very salty. Took me over an hour just to finish both my brekkie one and lunch one. However some very kind souls recommended putting 3-4 ice cubes in with the shakes and also do them with a proper blender. I used that coffee frothy thing the first day and that didnt help either.
Try it with some ice and it will make a world of difference. And for the soups I add a bit more water so it's not creamy and at times powdery. Hang in there, your taste buds will grow to like them!!

Penny xoxo


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Soups make me gag! I'm chocolate tetras and bars. Loads and loads of water. You will find something you like and it will get easier.
I felt like that too....try different things...like having them hot, adding more or less water, adding sweetners etc! I have hot chocolate now every morning with a few sweetners...it's lovely, tastes just like normal hot chocolate to me now that I have the amount of water/amount of sweetners! Also if you don't mix it enough it can be pretty nasty! I think your first week is all about exploring what you like and don't like! Some I really enjoy, others I have gagged over!

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