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I cant do this!!!!


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Hey there I may not be the best person to answered as only on day 5 (tho did Cambridge a few years back) . I guess tho it is all about coping and determination . For the big weight losses we need to ve in and stay in ketosis which means your glycogen stores need to be depleted so your body burns fat . Problem with mixing a lot of meals in is that you may (depending on what you ate !!) keep topping up those stores so you have to repeat the process of restarting ketosis and it evidently gets harder . You still obviously lose weight if low calorific intake eg Loke Ws etc but it's a slightly different biochemical process .

Sooooo don't best yourself up and restart again and try go hold in there till end of week one (yeah its hard ... But it's a real
No pain no gain kinda diet( . And says me who is in early days .

Maybe read some of the amazing inspirational diaries to help you . You can do it !x


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Hi Tatty
I know how you feel about struggling to get back in the zone. Look at all the weight you have already lost, what a great achievement. As mamakash has said if you can just get through the first week you are going to feel a whole lot better.
I know now that i dont ever want to see any weight go back on and try and maintain my weight even on wobbly days as i know how easy it is to fall off the wagon and the weight just go back on.

Good luck and i hope you manage to get back into the zone.
Also keep posting on here, i know this has really helped me stay focused.


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Hi Tatty,

As you may have read in my struggling thread, I too have suffered with the very same thing. You need to keep telling yourself why you are doing this and then, repetition, repetition, reptition, until it clicks. Maybe look over your goals and if need be tweak them a bit.

Remember who you are doing this for, YOU CAN DO IT!! Stay strong!! Because YOU ARE WORTH IT!! :D


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Tatty, stay strong and stick in there, it only makes things so much harder jumping in and out of ketosis, hopefully you can get back in and stay there, sending hugs



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Thank you everyone. It means a lot to have all of your support x


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Hi Tatty, how did you get on today? Just one or two days of TS and I'm sure you'll feel a lot more in control!
One thing thats helping me so far is a book called the Beck Diet Solution - it has loads of helpful things in it to help with motivation!
Good luck x


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S: 19st4lb C: 18st2lb G: 15st4lb BMI: 43.6 Loss: 1st2lb(5.93%)
I have had 2 good days now. Let's hope today is another good day. I will look up the book cheers. Thanks x
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Well done, keep up the good work!



please try again
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the beck book suggests writing on cards reasons for loosing the weight and reading them regularly throughout the day to keep you focused. i have one on the door of the snack cupboard, on the fridge door, my wardrobe, the mirror, in the car glove box and in my handbag

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