I cant drink water


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I really cant drink it. The only water i can bare is asda peach fizzy water. Is that ok? Its sugar free and i think its better than diet coke.

No, sorry. It has citric acid in which will mess up ketosis. I think it has calories in as well. You can get the water flavourings from Exante or maybe try black tea and coffee? Or just force water down until you get used to it!! I also struggle at first with water but after a few days I get used to it and am fine :)


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I'm really sorry, but you MUST get used to drinking water on Exante. If you don't get your 2.5 litres in, you will start having trouble with constipation. I've ready stories of people being admitted to hospital because they were so 'bunged up'!!

You WILL get used to it. This diet will help you reprogramme your taste buds as well as your appetite and you will find your sweet tooth fades in time.

On the plus side, water really does help keep the hunger pangs under control!