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I cant get away from food - help!!!!

I know there is nothing anyone can do to help, I just want to vent a bit. I just can't get away from bloody food. As most of you may know i have a b and b in france which provides evening meals aswell. At the moment I have a lot of guests staying and they want breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is very hard work, but that is not the problem as it keeps me busy, but I spend all my time preparing menus, shopping, cooking, serving, washing up etc. It seems like everything I do revolves around bloody food. I have been SS+ing for 3 days and not cheated once, but it is so hard being around all this lovely food. I feel like taking myself off to a retreat somewhere for the first couple of weeks all on my own (not possible as I have lots of bookings and this will last all summer). Sorry to be a pain but just needed to vent.
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Thanks dancing,I havent picked so far, but will heed your advice.


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I have been SS+ing for 3 days and not cheated once
Excellent and well done!!!

Now if you get a few more days like this under your belt...you will be able to cope better!

Each day you will grow a little stronger and stronger...

By the time your B & B season is over you will be slim, trim and ever so proud of yourself.

Join the Big Brother Challenge to keep you on track and motivated.

11 weeks to go!!!


You could have almost 3 stone or more off by then!!!

Set yourself some mini goals that are achievable and reward yourself with non food treats as you tick off each one.

Make sure you are drinking enough water throughout the day and start your day with a shake and water and this will help you get over breakfast...

I hope you have your before photos done?

If not take some and your body measurements as well.

Take photos every time you drop a stone or a dress size...

Tell yourself you can do this, make it into your mantra...see yourself slim and healthy wearing all the clothes you would love to wear and doing all the things you would like to do.

This is your present to yourself, because you are worth it!

Love Mini xxx
What fantastic advice I will heed it all. Thank you.
Hi slimmerwithin,

I am on day 6 and i couldnt wait for day 3 as i guessed i would be in ketosis by then and feel great - i didn't, so i probably wasn't. However since yesterday (day 5) i feel much better, not feeling hungry and having the diet in my head all the time. So much so I nearly ate a pear yesterday because I forgot I was on a diet!

Hang in there, it will get easier just give it a few more days. I am on SS+ too but have chose to have 4+milk as I know if I eat "normal" food at all I will find it hard not to cheat.

Good luck;)
I have chose the milk option too, which I have been having as a lovely cup of milky coffee about 8pm. However, not every day, is it imperative that you drink the milk?
I dont think yoy 'have' to drink the milk as such but it just makes up the diet to above the calorie level that your CDC has to inform the doctor.

I chose the SS+ because I thought I would truly struggle with the SS alone. Many people are on SS with 3 or 4 a day(depending on height etc) so you dont have to have the milk other than that I think. I'm sure someone will clarify that really knows what they are talking about - a CDC perhaps?
You are doin gso well, I dont know how you have managed to cook so much food and not cheat, You are very strong willed and like the others say a couple more days under your belt and you should definatly be in ketosis and then it will be easier for you.
Keep up the good work
Not too bad Abz, tired though and irritable, but I am determined not to give in. Grit our teeth hon, we can do it together!!


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indeed we can :) if you look at my signature and what my goal was yesterday on my day four you'll see how i was feeling :D ha. it is doable. i actually fell asleep in the afternoon, then had a mad burst of energy and danced around the house for about 20 mins then crashed again :( i do seem better today though hon, so i think it's going to be the worst day for you. here's hoping :D keep it up.

abz xx
Day 4 definately my worst - lets stick with it - Abz and slimmerwithin - looks like we all started this week, so hopefully we can help each other out.
My first weigh in tomorrow morning:confused:

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