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I can't really do it

Ok, so i know exactly how to stick to plan and what to eat but i just haven't got enough motivation to do it. I stick to the plan one week and not the next and i'm just not getting anywhere. My dad goes to class on a weds night and in the time i have lost 5lbs he has lost a stone! I really want to go with him but im so humiliated that i put on all the weight i initially lost that i just don't think i can face the people who are still doing well.

Do you think i should just face my fears of people looking at me and go for it?
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Awww Jess hun no-one will look at you or judge you are if they do then they are not going to the right place and the fault lies with them and not with you. We all go up and down on the journey and to be honest maybe going to the group and getting their support will help you refocus...I would be lost without my group each week.

Be brave hun and take that step xxxx


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i think you're going thru something similar to me! i feel like i have let my group down by not losing as much!

infact, looking back i have probably miscalculated a few syns here and there so really i only have my self to blame!!

anyhow today/tommorrow is another day! girl we can do it!!


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Men lose faster than women anyway - thats a fact!!! :D
Go to class with your Dad - nobody will judge you at all - SW is there as a support group x
Thanks guys :), i think i am going to go to group next weds because if im this fat on holiday (which is in a puny 3 months) i will not be happy.


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No-one will ever judge you!
You really need to go, if you don't the only thing you will gain is weight.
Go for it and good luck!


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remember five pound is equilivant of five bags of sugar. Don't be so hard on your self, you have done really well to achieve that. Go to the group for support and remember take baby steps just focus on having one day at a time and even if you blow your syns just aim for limit so you re-gain control. A lot of the stress and completing goinf off rails in my opinion is psychological, you are are only human and it is a journey :)
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hun i have lost weight and regained it so many times i've lost count. this time i rejoined a group i had been before people remembered me but never commented on my weight gain and even if they did think anything why is that my problem.
i do this confidence course and a saying she taught me is what other people think of u is none of your bussiness. and this has really helped me bascially we can never know truely so we shoul stop guessing and even if we did know we couldn\t change it so why worry


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I agree with the others!! There are people in my class with lots of stones to lose and noone bats an eyelid- people are respected more for facing their demons and doing something about a situation they're not happy with! We're all in the same boat in class and on Minimins- I know that it's down to a combination of the 2 that I've been having success on my journey! There aren't many people in life who don't need help and support with things- if they say they do they're either lying, complete chicken shits with ego problems, super humans with genetic disorders or they're actually robots!! Go for it, you'll be fine!X


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i do this confidence course and a saying she taught me is what other people think of u is none of your bussiness.
That is such an awesome saying!! It's so true, we use up so much of our mental energy worrying about what others think and it's such a destructive way to live!!X


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It sounds to me that you are the one judging yourself! You are comparing your loss to your Dad and talking about yourself as if you are a complete failure.

Would you even think of talking about someone else like this? Would you try to get a child to do something difficult by pointing out their weaknesses? NO!!!!

Don't become your own bully, mate. Go to class, feel the warmth and support that will surround you, enjoy the love and support from your Dad but most importantly............ be more supportive to yourself.
Why do you feel you can't do this? You say you don't have the motivation to stick to it - ask yourself, do you really want to lose weight? I'm sure you do hun else you wouldn't go to group and you wouldn't post on here.
Why is it that you fall off the wagon after a week? Do you deny yourself things? I'd say build treats into your days or weeks. What is it you like? If it's pizza then make a pizza using pitta bread and toppings made with HEX's. If it's curry then make a fab SW curry - some of them are better than the actual take away!
If it's chocolate then have 15 syns worth of chocolate each day.
I'm just guessing now, but the reason people don't stick to it is because they cut too much out and deny themselves things.

The first step of dieting is to get your head in the right place because it it's not, you will never lose weight.

Oh and one last thing, don't compare yourself to anyone else. We are all different.


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8 years ago I did SW and lost 3 and a half stone.

I then gave up... all that hard work, halfway to target... and I put ALL of the weight back on!!

8 years later (and 4 weeks ago), I walked back into class. I've lost 8lbs over the last 4 weeks, and this time, I'm more determined than ever to keep going until the end.

Walking into class was extremely difficult, and I did feel like a failure. But I'm glad I did. Everyone has been so warm and supportive, and I just wish I hadnt waited so long to try again!

I hope you go back to class with your Dad. Good luck!! xx


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OK don't beat yourself up I've been going since Feb 5th and have only lost 5.5lbs, I've done plan before and I'm the type that goes lose, lose, sts, gain, sts, gain, lose and it drives me mad but going to group helps, and everyone supports you instead of judging, every single person in that room is there for the same reason.

Also do you eat the same as your dad? (if you live with him) maybe thats an option, you could plan your menu together or if you live apart maybe make a meal and share it, take a portion home, freeze some if you make enough for 4, hope this helps
Thanks every one this really helps. I am the one judging myself and i hate that i do it, i always see the positive in other people but struggle to do so with myself. So i think my weakness is that i always think "well its ok if im bad this week, ill be good next week". When i went to group before i was always good because it was like i was doing it to motivate other people too. I do really want to lose weight but i need more support, So group it is. I will let you know how its goes wednesday :)

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