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I can't seem to stick to it....

Dear all,

First week totally abstinent lost 9.6 pounds, second week - picked at a bit of chicken, ham lost 6 pounds, third week ate two 'good' LLL meals lost 1pound.

This week totally determined I have now ruined it this morning by eating a cheese string, four pringles and a couple of bites of chicken. Why can't I do it. My first thought this morning was.... nothing shall pass my lips except packs.. now at 11 am I feel like I have ruined the week again.

Will I be out of ketosis? How long will it take me to get back in. I feel like I am an insult to all you hardcore LL'ers who can stick to it!!

Help!!! xx:cry:
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Billie i have done 9 weeks on the programme now, i played with it twice, once like you i had 3 packs and a lll meal. It doesn't work, both times i had bad losses. I'am not sure if you have knocked yourself out of ketosis but put it behind you and learn from it, remember how you felt after you cheated and use that.


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If you're not in the right frame of mind, it won't work. I'm glad you have the money to throw away.

Either get a grip and do this, it's only for you, you are doing it OR go and spend a few months moaning and trying other diets and finding they are even harder.

Your choice.

There are no half measures.

Good luck.
Foxtrot, I find your reply patronising and rather unsympathetic. I thought this forum was for support.

You say good luck at the end of your post but it hardly sits well with the rest of what you have said.

My food addiction has seen me in treatment and this is the most radical diet I have been on. I have gone from bingeing myself to death daily to some small slips on lighterlife so excuse me if I give you the impression that I have money to throw away. Clearly I am just not trying hard enough in your opinion.

And I came here for support - silly me!!!


Is back in the saddle!
This is the best diet out there, especially for those with food problems. You must be in the right frame of mind to do it and no one is forcing the wrong stuff in your mouth except you. It takes 100 percent. You wanted a kick up the bum, I gave you one.

Billie, it's only for you and it's only up to you.

Get your head out of the fridge and into that lovely summer dress!!!

I'm only cruel to be kind but you won't get the results if you don't do the work. I KNOW!!!
I don’t believe you are mentally ready for a diet like this. Every time you lapse on lighter life it doesn’t just cost you weight loss but money too. In order for a diet like this to work you must have some willpower and remain abstinent.
The way I look at it is – because I’m not hungry on lighter life, if I eat food it’s because I’m being greedy.
I always have my target in mind and that is why I will NEVER lapse.
Maybe you should wait until you are completely ready and willing to follow the diet.
I’m not trying to be patronising towards you, after all – it’s your body and your life but it doesn’t take a lot to stop and say no!
Good luck and I hope you can prove me wrong!
Honestly, do you know how utterly self righteous you both sound? I wanted some support, some fellow dieters who could encourage me to go on.

Perhaps I should try another forum. That makes me sad.

Instead you are suggesting I should give up because I am not ready!


Is back in the saddle!
We're not saying give up, we're saying ask yourself if you're ready.

This is a 100% commitment diet that is not cheap to cock up.

You WILL be in that dress in the smmer and you WILL be enjoying your new self with food but NOT if you re stalling yourself by cheating.

Push yourself to hit the 2 week mark (100%) and you will wonder why you cheated and fouled the first couple of weeks (and threw £140 away). Ketosis will carry you through and you shouldn't feel hungry and you should have more energy. But you have to ride over the week the 2 weeks to get there. Small cheats are not good.

Now get your head in the right place and join in the forum, (ignore me if you wish)and start thinking about what you want to wear for the summer. We are there for support but we're not there slapping your wrist away from the cookie jar! You have to do that bit.


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Billie - I have been exactly where you are today. A couple of cheats followed by any loss at all and I am on the slippery slope down. I can't get back to being 100% and I think it's down to the guilt.
The guilt you feel for cheating is leaving you feel like your letting everyone and yourself down. But remember this, wallowing in guilt is 10 times worse than a few pringles. It will really upset you, pringles can't hurt you the same as your guilt will.

It's your life, your diet, your body and your money. You've had a slip, it really isn't that bad, lots of people do it. You can let it upset you and feel down (eat yourself out of house and home) or

Dust yourself down. You are human. A lot of us have these issues. What I did. Go strip to undies, look in mirror and think about all the intial day 1 reasons you wanted to do this. If I can get back on the horse and get back to it, I promise you can. It's what's in your head. If you decide you want to carry on putting it behind you, you can. You need it to be your desicion though, that way you will stick to it.

Don't just read and think that's a good idea - go strip!

Good luck, it was a few pringles and cheese, you didn't hurt anyone, it was only a few calories. You'll be fine.
My journey so far on LL has been a very focused one ~ I hated the way I looked, I said I want to be healthy and slimmer and I know my LLC will guide me through it.
She certainly has done that. And that is what your counsellor is there for too! Talk to her!

I think you are letting yourself feel guilty and not letting yourself say " I CAN do this!"
Start again tomorrow as of Day 1...you are still less in weight than you were, so that's a bonus.

But think about how to structure your day...when you are least busy,pencil in one of your packs....fill in the "hungry" times with water, fizzy water I prefer. It makes me feel full.

But don't give up so soon. The "hardcore" LLers have been exactly where you are, and there is no differene except the mindset. The ones who lose more arethe ones who stand in front of the mirror saying " I can do this! I'm strong and I want it so much!"

I'm sure nobody wanted to upset you, but I guess there is either the softly softly approach or the hard word approach. Everyone is different.
Personally, I would say throw out anything that tempts you, take yourself out of situations where you might be tempted ( until you fee comfortable enough with just your packs), and leave your fridge full of nice cold water for filling up your tummy.

More importantly, I read and re-read all other people's posts to get me motivated, especially the ones where people had made real changes to their lives. Don't just look at their pics, read their journies. You will see that most of us found it tough at first

Your eating is just a blip ~ put it behind you and get your head around the diet. You will soon be on your way down the other side of this steep hill and probably helping other newbies!

Best of Luck. xx :)
Hi there Billie
Sorry to hear you are struggling
You do really have to do this 100%, Foxtrot is completely right.

if your head is not in the right place then LL is a costly diet to do.

every time you have a bad week you have effectively wasted £70

done properly it will work like no other.

mess about and you will be hungry and feel much more guilty than on other diets as it is expensive, plus you will feel deprived completely as there are no 'sins' or treats built in.

if you stick to it, you really won't feel hungry. so in the right frame of mind it is actually the easiest diet in the world

this forum is great - if every time i was having a bit of a downer everyone just said oh dear, never mind and nice things then i might not have still been coming on here.

A kick up the bum and refocussing comments i find are much more useful in the long term, even if they seem a bit harsh when im feeling sorry for myself!

everyone who bothers to reply is taking time to do so out of concern and unfortunately sometimes things don't translate into written text or get misunderstood.

I do wish you good luck, but at the same time i would hate anyone to have a bad experience on LL and be feel deprived emotionally and finacially.

It works 100% but only if you commit 100%

There may be other diets out there that would suit you better - everyone is different

Daisy x
Hi Billie.

This can be a difficult diet to get stuck into. But I encourage you to stick to it - I never dreamt I would lose half my weight - it seemed imposttible. But by getting stuck in on LL, and getting firmly into the right head space - this is essential - once there it was the easiet diet ever with the greatest rewards.

I think you have worked out how much this is costing you a week.;) I don;t see it as a waste of money, ifyou learn something.

You need to get a proper visualisation in your head, of what you want to look like, what you WILL look like, and you need to imbed that in your head - and see it every day....it will help you.

Also, don;t forget - you are not saying goodbyt to food forever.....just for s hort while, to fix yourself. It will all still be there.....and it is important to remmeber always that you choose to do this - you are not being deprived because you have chosen this.

Its so important how you look at it.

Stick to it. WHen you are in ketosis - just know if you feel hungry, you are not really....and develop a zero-tolerance to failure.

These are just a few of the things that saw me through 100% abstinance. It can be done. But you have to WILL it to be done....with all your energy at times.

Good luck - don;t be down heartened - at the end of the day, everyone here really wants everyone to succeed.


Hello Billie,
What Foxtrot said was absolutely true.
What's that old saying - the truth often hurts, or you have to be cruel to be kind?
I thin k maybe you feel cross because you are cross with yourself.
Don't dwell on what has happened. If you really feel this is the programme for you then re-group, re-focus and start again.
he results will be dramatic but it is an all or nothing programme - not a diet.
It's an opportunity for you to completely change your relationship with food, analyse the reasons you are where you are and look forward to a lighter, slimmer healthier life.
There is no joy in cheating, you only cheat yourself.
There is loads of support on this forum. We are all here to help each other.
It does become easier. Sick with it.
Every time you feel tempted have a drink of water instead - you'll be so busy rushing to the loo you won't have time to go to the fridge.
Good luck. Don't be angry with us - we want you to succeed.
Thanks all - I'm refocusing again today - note the 'again'!! Your words are exactly what I needed FT - it's my choice and I'm not going to mess around this time - it's all my choice - I can stay overweight if I wish, or I can get back down to my slim self and feel content again.

Yes, I'm going to write down my goals this time - it's all more real then and going for complete detox for at least four weeks and I'll reassess then.

I know that the words seem blunt from FT, but it the truth pure and simple - why mess about with it - it costs far too much money to not do properly - one reason I managed to stick to it last time - my husband would have divorced me if I'd have eaten and then spent almost £70 a week on the programme! It's an issue I have with Exante that I am doing this time - it's far cheaper and costs me a month what my lunches in work would cost, so I'm not really spending any money on it.

Anyway, my choice, no one else is making me drink or eat anything apart from myself and no one else can make me lose weight either - it's all in my control 100%.
This is very much a place for support and genuine concern from other forum members. However, support doesn't always consist of getting a hug if you've messed up. It's trying to find a solution and a way to moe you forwards towards your goal.
When I startred LL I stuck to it 100%. I've had a life time of eating disorders and poor eating habits. LL was my last chance as it is with so many. And like everyone else, I'd tried every other diet too.
I stuck on abstinence for over nine months. Through holidays, weddings, work events, two black tie events, my birthday, friends birthdays etc. I never ate anything. I'm not telling you this to be smug. But to show you that it is possible. If you want to do it. You can and you will.
I was ill last year and put on some weight as I was bored and got into my old eating habits. I went back to my LLC and wanted to lose the 18lbs I'd put on by going back onto packs. It was SO HARD. Second time around I didn't have nearly as much to lose. I made excuses about why I could let myself have the odd nibble of something here and there. It dragged on over four months but eventually I did lose the weight again. Even though I'd wasted a fortune in the process.
The moral of the story? If you want LL to work for you then it will. For most of us it is the miracle we've been looking for but that doesn't mean it doesn't come without sacrifice and bags of will power.
Once you're fully into the swing of it, it really is easy. But you need to have your head int he right place for it to work.
I really hope it can work for you and you can get your head in the right place to make it happen.
I'm setting off to Australia to see my sister on Saturday with five bikinis in my bag. It could be you too xx
I tried the Cambridge diet (similar to LL) about 2 years ago, I was only on it 2 weeks and really didn't stick to it, I messed around and decided I just couldn't stick to it, so I gave up. I'd wasted money, but I just wasn't ready. There is no shame in that. I don't know if you are or aren't ready, it's up to you to decided. If you decide you're not there is no shame in that, try again when you are.

I'm currently on week 6 of LL and have lost over 23lbs. I've been 100% abstinent and it's going so well. When I started LL I was worried it would be another Cambridge Diet fiasco, but there was something different this time, my head was just in the right place and it's going amazing.

In the first couple of weeks on LL part of me wished I'd have been able to stick to the Cambridge diet like I have with LL and I couldn't understand why I hadn't been able to do it before. The answer is that it was all in my head/my mindset. I just wasn't ready before and now I am.

I don't know what made the difference, but I was just wanted to do it this time. I was so positive when I started LL that I would do it, I pictured myself as a slim person and got exited about it.

I must admit that I found Foxtrots first post a little harsh. I used to have a rebellious child in me (didn't know I had as I hadn't done the LL counselling) and if I'd have recieved a reply like that I'd have probably gone and eaten. We need to remember that people who are just starting have not had the counselling yet and may not be able to deal with the harsh posts that can sometims have the opposite effect than what they intend to. Early on in LL you haven't had the training and learnt how to deal with things like that, you haven't identified your traits and triggers.
Dear All,

Thank you so much for your replies, they have on the whole helped. I have a new mantra and I will stick to this diet. I have to. If I am completely honest it was either that or another very final option. I could not go on torturing myself through food and guilt.

When I read the first posts I did go and act like a rebellious child and did eat more but I certainly didn't eat more than another bit of cheese and a few more crisps. I see that as total progress. Such emotions would have usually had me tuck into a whole New York cheescake, pizza, muffins, cream tea - the lot. I would have taken myself off for the afternoon and eaten until I was sick.

Today I start again, I have asked my LLC if I can weigh in on Saturday rather than Tues so that I have a real chance of losing this week.

This is really tough and I will come back for encouragement. You guys are the experts I guess.

I did not want to hear 'maybe you aren't ready' I wanted to hear 'You're an idiot but your human - get back on it' the mix of responses has been useful for me to hear.

Thank you all for taking the time to care. I am back on the wagon and I am staying on it. I have to!

Very best of luck to you Billie.

And well done for thinking things through instead of comfort eating ~ you can do this. xx :)


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well done you! Coming back is harder than the cheesecake binge, so be very proud of yourself. Good luck and when it gets tough, talk.
Good luck to you Billie. Hopefully in a few weeks a comment you don't like won't send to to the fridge. To be honest though you say you knew the reply you wanted so why bother? I think we all sometimes look for excuses to eat and yours this time was the response you got and didn't like. Do this for you and you alone, if you don't like someones response it doesn't matter. I mean it in the nicest possible way but life can be hard and will throw far worse at you than that.

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