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I have seen a few threads about this recently, I can't take this, their so vile, my partner just made me a banana one it was horrible, so i let them drink it. I then thought maybe a choccie tetra and I cant keep it down. Their disgusting. I do not understand what's happened?
I'm also sick have a fever could that have something to do with it?
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it could be that your feeling a bit unwell hun. even if you dont like them they will be drank in about 5mins just drink it and try and not think of it as disgusting..i know its hard but it has to be done. choc tetra's are my fav i love them


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I didn't like the Banana one, no matter how I made it up it always tasted 'gritty' to me and really put me off.
Now, I have strawberry for 'breakfast', vanilla for 'lunch' and Mint choc for 'tea'. This suits me just nicely. I drink them through a straw too, as I found they kind of 'coated' my teeth if I drank straight from the glass.


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Were you ok before with them Tina? Maybe it is just because you're feeling poorly? Dunno what to suggest other than maybe having muffin/mousse/ice cream/loads of ice?

Hope you're feeling better soon x


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It could be to do with being unwell. I was poorly (bad tummy, fever etc) all last week. Started CD again on Monday and am really struggling to have my 3 packs! I used to love the choc tetra as ice cream but can't stand it now! I've even gone off the jelly which i was loving before! Tried a choc moose yesterday and had to force it down! I'm just having my choc mint and downing it! Fingers crossed i'll get used to it again! :(


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Try more water hun i was really going off mine so i added more water and it worked love them now although all i have is Vanilla or Chocolate ha ha x

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