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I cant stop trumping! (sorry tmi)


Slimming for my children
its awful!
I have an interview next week and am dreading it as i am getting so used to pushing them out i havent even realised i have popped until i gag!


Slimming for my children
and the thing is tho, its as if i am in competition with myself, to see how smelly it is as i HAVE to smell it too! I AM GROSS!
I give myself a silent nod the smeller it is! eeeek!
i had this problem, MAJORLY, my poor poor boyfriend nearly killed me lol, but the further along i get with my slimming, its clearing up alot. I think my body got a shock at first with all the fresh fruit and veg iv been eating lol!


I ate my willpower!
If you are eating fruit after meat, that could be the cause of your stinky problem! :D
:giggle:Oh dear F.N.M you r funny, we all do it but when you see someone writing about it just makes it funnier.

I didn't no that about fruit and meat :eek:

Good luck hun hope they get less frequent and less smelly!! x
Any miracle cures??
Having a bad 2 days... Hubby (of 4 months) is seriously not happy, I do try and leave the room, but not always fast enough..
On my second Green day in a row, wonder if it is the fruit & veg, although I do tend to eat alot of fruit, veg water on either day..

Opps, how long will this marraige last - he he he...


Slimming for my children
PMSL - love puffs!!! :D lol - does your OH agree with you?! lol
No he calls them skunks breath lol.

The thing is i somehow keep aiming them at him without realising it.... was watching tv and i thought i did a cheeky pop and it was silent but MY was it violent, he sent me out of the room but what i dont get is the smell was there then and i went into the bathroom done another one.... and when i came back i sat down and it had followed me so he got up and said JESUS YOU STINK... and went to the bathroom to the loo hahahahaahahahahahahah

Love me love my essence!!!

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