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I can't stop wobbling.


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:break_diet:Hi Everyone
I've done really well for my first 8 weeks losing 2 and half stone. I'm feeling so much better and healthier than i have done for years. But..... I must be getting to a comfy zone as i am finding more and more nibbles creeping in. I still need to lose a stone and half to be where i really really want to be but the 'magic' of CD is dwindling. Every morning i get up to start SS which i manage no prob til i get in about 4pm and i'm just grazing my way through the fridge and cupboards. I've just had two brunch bars with two cups of coffee. On top of my salad, ham and cottage cheese meal i feel full to bursting. Any ideas from those of you who know what i feeling, how do we get the right frame of mind back. I know already i will have put a couple of pounds back on. I'm away to do half an hour on the wii fit and see if that helps.
Best Wishes to you all.
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Hi F2T440!

I too have this exact same problem and have had when I've been sole sourcing.

The way Im going to deal with this, is to tell myself that just because I have got down to 7lbs from goal, I still do not deserve to eat. I haven't reached my goal so why should I think its ok to eat?

Its so hard and to think that a little thing here and a little thing there wont make much difference is so easy to think but it does - it did to me when I put all the weight back on and more!

You have to remember - you do not deserve to eat. Remember why you are doing this. Imagine how fantastic it will feel to know you SS'd ur way all the way to goal. THEN you can eat, if you want something nice then have it - but for the right reasons - not because you thinky you deserve it as I think anyone that has done CD has to rid the thought that food is a treat - as if it was, we would be treating ourselves all the time as SS is so hard!

I hope that helps - Im a big one for this issue, I need to over come it myself, I hope that I follow my advice when I get to 10 stone 7!

Good luck - start again tomorrow and just try and remember why you are doing this.



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Thanks. I'm going to stop the May challenge and get my head right back into it. I am going to make a ticker for my 40th and my holiday and keep coming back to it. I need to keep myself busy in the evenings. I need a hobby.


Want to be a yummy mummy!
It really really helps.

Do something that is a novelty to you, at least for the first few weeks anyway. Like cross stitch or........or or or blogging? Or.......something that you are going to enjoy it doesnt have to cost much or take up too much time - just as much as you want it to!

I bought the Sims 2 - which is fantastic - spend hours doing interior design and then play the game - its so fun!

Good luck - I hope it goes well for you and here's to the June challenge for you x x x

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