I can't take anymore of this.


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The shakes make me want to be sick. At first they were fine as I used my experience of having done the CD to make sure the shakes were made to my liking (lots of water so that it wasn't so strong), but as the days pass I just get more aware of how powdery and false the shakes taste. I know that sounds poncy and I do use an electric whisk and hand blender... there are no lumps, it is just the taste. I have always used a straw as well.

I am struggling with the concept that this could be my diet for the next, say, 12 months maybe. And that thought really scares me. I know 12 months is a drop in the ocean when I am only 22 (23 in 8 days), but I just keep craving carrots and cauliflower and meat and gravy. I don't know how long I can do this for but I feel like a failure for feeling this way; my husband has indicated that he also believes this is my last stab at success and I do know I need to do it but I just want to cry.

I am sorry I am quiet on the boards; I don't have a lot of time but I also feel that if I immerse myself too much, like I did on the pink site when I did CD, and then stop doing the diet, I will have made a complete utter fool of myself in front of people like you who have been so successful at the VLCDs.

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ah honey.
please don't feel bad for posting this - we all feel like giving up at times and need the strength of mind to overcome it and keep going. All you can do is what is right for you whatever that may be and please don't feel like this is your last chance or that you may fail as you had bundles of determination to even start this diet.

I to am literally dreaming about food - and keep e-mailing my friend with what i would have for a meal if i could - sad but it kinda gets it out of my system. LOL

As for the shakes - I ike using some of mine hot in coffee - choc and vanilla - about half a pack in a huge mug of coffee and it almost tastes like a posh coffee.
I also have a raspberry every night with loads of ice cubes and loads of water - like you i like them really diluted.
Have you tried the recipes?
Other than this I really don't know what to suggest...

Whatever you do just promise me that you won't beat yourself up over it.

Now promise.....
I'm listening.....


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Aw Carrie. I think some of us go through these stages, and then it all becomes palatable again.

How do you feel about the tetras? They really are a class of their own.

Oh and BTW. You never made yourself look a fool on the pink site. We know only too well how difficult this can all be. Never think that. I have nothing but respect for those people that return to try again. However many times it takes.

Oh and BTW (again) :D We follow each other around I reckon. 4 forums that I know of :D :D


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Hehehe! I am on lighterlife so it is literally shakes, soups and bars. When I did CD I felt the thing I lacked was support/counselling, so I am trying LL. I did try the tomato soup and that put me off but at stop-in tomorrow I think I might try the soups and bars.

I really want to do this.

I know your name from the pink site, Karion, and obviously here and DH, but do you also use WLR?

Thanks also to Suzie for your words; I seem to have this each day when my husband gets home and it is almost like I feel like I can't join in with him if I don't eat what he eats, but as soon as I think it through I come to my senses.

Thanks both of you for your words; I am strong enough to do this!


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I know your name from the pink site, Karion, and obviously here and DH, but do you also use WLR?

WLR, pink site, TES, and here. Okay...I'm on loads more, but have seen you at those places :)

Sorry. I forgot you were doing LL.

I often wonder if people can get away with doing LL, but using CD stuff. Probably not. Shame though.

I do think that our tastes can change. We can get used to different things when necessary. Try imagining that it's castor oil or anything else equally as gross.

Best of luck Carrie. Keep on chugging and fingers crossed for you.


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Ooooh TES! What were you on TES then?

Not Lou on TES

On TES, I'm the one who fought like crazy in that big anti-VLCD diet argument. Remember? Felt like me against the world on that.

Wow....wasn't that something :D

Never argue with teachers. i held my ground well though :D


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Hehehe! I remember. You were something like cisum on there?

I remember the argument well and I remember putting my side of it in early, too, only to change my mind later on!


Got a life thank you!
I felt (feel) exactly the same!!

At the beginning everything tasted like a varient of powder but there are things you can do to help.

Firstly for breakfast I have a "capuccino" made with a hot vanilla or caramel shake made with a HEAPED tspoon of coffee to make it coffee flavoured.

At lunch I have a soup - I HATED the thai chilli with a vengence but the others aren't too bad, I drink them from a mug and if I am honest they don't taste any different (good or bad) from cup-a-soup.

For "tea" I make a chocolate mousse (although occasionally I have a strawberry mousse) - there are two ways of making these and both give it a different taste. The first is to make it into a cookie dough type consistency - start with a bowl with a DROP of water in the bottom and then add the powder - stir it with a metal t-spoon adding a drop more water until you get a doughy type consistency (like cake mix). The other way to do it is to put a small amount of water into a bowl and whisk it - this makes it into an angel delight type consistency.

For an evening snack I make a pack of crisps - again start with a bowl with a small amount of water and add a pack of soup. Stir and add a drop more water until you have a smooth paste like consistency.

Put a tspoon of mixture onto brown baking parchment (not grease proof paper as that doesn't work) and use the back of the spoon to spread it out into a crisp shape - I use about four or five per sheet. Put in the microwave for approximately 50 seconds, then open the microwave door for a couple of seconds (don't ask why that makes a difference but it does), then microwave for approximately a further 50 seconds.

Tip them off (or peel them off) onto a plate and sprinkle with a tiny bit of salt and black pepper.

Remember next week you get bars as well and these are fab cooked into biscuits.

I know it is hard but I promise the taste does improve a bit, I don't notice the powdery taste much any more.

You can also add black pepper and I think red tabasco sauce to them if that helps.

Try all of the packs and then swap over at your pop in the ones you really can't stomach.

Good luck, you can do it, I am a terrible "foody" and don't think of the foodpacks as food, I very much see them as just nuritment (sorry I know that is spelt wrong) until I can renew my relationship with food in a positive manner.


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Oh yes I forgot, another favourite of mine (especially through the summer) was to whizz up some icecubes with a vanilla pack a teeny tiny amount of water and a good teaspoon of coffee - makes a fabulous coffee ice cream.

Yum - in fact I haven't had one in ages, I think I will go see if I have any ice and have one tonight lol!

The rasberry is also nice like that made into icecream as is the chocolate but the coffee was my ultimate favourite.


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Carrie.. don't stop posting for fear of "making a fool of yourself".... it's not like we haven't all been there before - unless it's just you and me?

I've been on the WW boards for years now along with a number of other women who are many stone heavier than when we started.

We may have failed the diet but we've become incredible friends.

I believe you will succeed anyway.


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I could have written that post out word for word yesterday myself!!!

I'd definitely swap for some soups as well to give you some variety.
It keeps washing over me in waves (on day 13 today) but keep focused on your goal and posting here for support.

Thinking about you,

Kitty xx


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Hi guys and thank you for your lovely encouraging words. I am still awaiting therapy after having been ill and I do need to learn new habits, not just with food, so my counsellor and I agreed tonight that we will wait a month or so and see if I am ready to start then.

Thanks again,

a very tearful Carrie.xx

Purple Hugs

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They always make me feel better... hope they do the same for you.

Don't view this as a failure. ((Hugs))
Remember there ARE other diets.. not just VLCD's especially if you struggle.
I must admit, i asked my DH to 'try' a shake, and he nearly spat it up in the sink! His face was a picture!! lol
so they are not to everyones' liking.
You WILL find a diet that suits you (perhaps atkins if you like meat, cauliflower etc - you'll still lose rapidly in ketosis too). AND when you do... you are halfway to goal!!

I'm sure the therapy will also help.
Be Strong! :) We are all here for YOU, no matter what your diet is!


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Carrie hun,i can understand exactly where you are coming from.
When i first started LL and Cd everything made me gag except for the tetras and bars.
I have a lot to loose i have 15/16 stone to drop and it gets me down as well.
Recently i was Ssing and i was having health probs and i was officially pulled of Ssing by CD head office i was very upset and tearfull as well, but in the long run when we have health probs,phyisical or emotional Vlcd diets are sometimes just not the right diet for us at that time in our lives and they will allways be there for us to go back on when we are phyisically and emotionally ready.

I am having counselling through my gp surgery and i hope that this will help me get my head in the right place to be sucsessfull in every aspect of my life.

There are so many people on this site who have started vlcd and for what ever reason not able to carry on the plan and have gone ahead to lose all their weight through many different diets it is soooo possible.
I myself have now just re joined Sw and am trying to re educate myself i am following a low Gi diet plan incorporated with my SW plan and finding it good.

At Minimins we all understand how hard it is to be overweight and the emotional and phyisical problems that go hand in hand with a weight prob and no body would ever be judgemental,so hun u dont have to worry about what u r writing in your thread no one on here would ever judge you,we are all here to help and support each other through the good times and the hard times,and my experiences are that when i have been going through a very hard time the support and friendship i have received has been amazing and helped me get back on track.

So "IMERSE YOURSELF CARRIE" we want to read your posts you are an important part of Minimins and we are all here to help and support you so pls dont be a stranger on the site.


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Hiya Carrie,
just had to reply to your post. I could have written that myself when I first started L.life.... the shakes made me gag, I used to send everyone out he room so I could brace myself to drink them, and gag in peace lol. It took 2 weeks before I could have one without gagging!

I also remember quite clearly, sitting on the settee like a lost soul, crying at how I had got myself into this state in the first place that I now couldnt eat anything, and had to resort to l.life:confused:

My Counsellor, often says to peeps, 'think of the packs as medicine' they will get you to where you want to be....

A trick I found worked was to make them weaker than says on the pack. to give you some idea of how weak, I 3/4 fill a pint mug and top the rest up with ice - then stick in the blender and whiz it up, then add the pack, and drink it with a straw, as you're already doing.

How about splitting the packs, so you're having 8 a day instead of the 4??

Also maybe try making a muffin or some of the other recipes?

Oh and one last thing, don't ever think you're a failure, not everyone takes to the shakes straight away. You did the right thing to post....

Keep us updated girlie


Oh honey I haven't been able to get on PC until now and missed your post :( :( :( :(
You were doing so so so so very well,It is hard but after your 1st weigh-in you get a Buzz after a huge lossxx
I know how hard this is I have tried for 6-8 months to get past DAY 2 and couldnt ................... Until now :)
Yes I made it to day 3,last night I was a snappy cow with all at home and had a bath a visailised Id just eaten a dinner......I hadnt but I had to do something to get through the evening!! I nearly crumbled so I went to bed at 9.15 as I was starving!
Im hungry now not in the starving sense just the missing out on eating sense,I got into ketosis yesterday evening which has made it more bearable.
I wish you luck in your treatment/counselling,please stay aboard we need people like you to show everyone we're all in the same boat and your kind words of support to me have done me wonders you wouldn't believe.You have made a new friend in me and many others here too.So smile you will get there soon I bet you will.