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i can't wait for...


Determind dieter :D
I'm looking forward to being able to go into a shop and just pick something off the rack without ending up in tears that they don't have my size. x x x
I'm looking forward to being able to exercise properly!!!

Especially to learn to surf!! I've always been so scared of doing it!!!! But i think i will love it!!! At the minute i'm just too scared!!!!
Funnily enough I was just thinking this morning that I am really looking forward to being able to get tights that fit me instead of squeezing myself into M&S XL opaque tights that end up hurting me when my fat thighs rub together - it made me practically live in trouser suits for work last year when I have lots of lovely dresses and skirt suits - cannot wait to get into clothes I have bought and never been able to get into. I am going to keep trying them on as hopefully there will only be a small window between my fitting into them and them being too big for me whereupon I will take great delight in taking them to the clothes recycling depot and get some money for them - a win-win situation!:D
Probablt TMI but before LT and due to various personal issues I had a thing that I hated my husband touching my stomach- I hate anyone doing it and can't image what would happen if I was pregant and someone did it but it is a huge issue for me. But while I was bigger my hubby touching it was also an issue which it shouldn't be. Even when we were intimate I would have a vest covering my tummy and would try and not let him see my tummy when getting dressed.

The thing I looked forward to and love now is that I love him touching my wee tummy now and was even able to walk around in front of a load of skinny minnies without a tummy cover up!!
I'm looking forward to being able to go into a shop and just pick something off the rack without ending up in tears that they don't have my size. x x x
Argh when I was size 16 the rails only had size 8's, when I was size 8 the rails only had size 16's!!! I swear there's a size fairy as well as a sock fairy!!!!
I can't wait to have really little legs I'm so looking forward to having really wicked dress sense I was always hindered by clothes never looking right on my spare tyres!! Plural!! Also looking forward to not having big fat handles over my bum!! I can't wait to be foxy!!


On a mission!
I'm looking forward to not having to look forward!!!

x S
I'm looking forward to finally being able to say 'This was my last diet ever' !!!
I am looking forward to being able to look in the mirror and not hate what I see. To be able to have my photograph taken and not want to cry. To beleive my boyfriend when he tells me I'm beautiful. To enjoy a night out without feeling self conscious. To not be depressed everyday about how dreadful I look. And to wear whatever I want and think 'damn I look hot'. Xxx
i'm looking forward to
1.being able to get out of the shower without hiding from my bf,
2. having one chin
3.having cheekbones
4.my thighs not touching (seeing between my thighs woop!)
5.being confident
6.being able to wear jeans
7.wear slutty clothes and look DAMN FINE
8.being able to zip up boots
9.my son, bf and family being happy i'm healthy!
10.realising i can achieve something i thought for years was impossible
Just thought of another one - not finding myself checking out other people in a room or at an event to see how many big poeple there are and being happy if I'm not the biggest!

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