I caved :(


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Just had about the size of a fist, part of a cornish pasty that I made for OH.

I have had such a sh*t day today, I turned to my ol pal - food.

I then took a piece of bread out of the bread bin and took a bite, swallowed it, before thinking 'DONT !!' and threw the rest in the bin.

Feeling very :break_diet: :(
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Sorry to hear that kate!

You need to think of why you turned to food and why you thought it would solve your problems.. and then tell yourself how it didnt!

Best of luck getting back into the swing of things x


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I feel for you....move on and forget it. The worst thing you can do is beat yourself up 'cos then you wil feel bad, feel sad and do it again. Erase from your memory and hope for the best at weigh in.

Good luck lovely xxxx


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hi kate! the last time i was on this diet i ate to, i had gone 2 weeks without food but was cooking one night for the family and couldnt help myself... that was it for me, i couldnt stop then! but i did have a huge meal and then i snacked after, dont feel so bad hun you only had a little bit then realised to stop! the next time you get the urge to have a little bite to eat do what i do.....

THINK THIN!! it does help :)

jodie x


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Oh kate, i see your not online atm, i hope you are ok and not being too hard on yourself. As said above you need to move on and not keep going down the slippery food slope. I really hope you have managed to cheer up, it's a bloody hard diet, don't beat yourself up!!

It's 1 mistake and you know now it made you feel rubbish to do it, you can learn from it and carry on, as i have said before we are only human. Hope you are doing ok?


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hey sweetie i agree with everybody else,, instead of feeling bad and eating your sadness best thing to do is forget about it and get back on board you can do it, its a minor slip up, dont give up...hope ur ok xx


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Oh, sorry sweetie!
What is done is done....you know it isnt the answer at the minute as you WANT to lose the weight so much.

Move on, dont look back, get back on and I think you might be able to get away with any gain....JUST DONT THINK YOU HAVE FAILED AND CARRY ON! You will just end up feeling more miserable.

I know how it feels how you want to just run to your old pal...I felt like that the past 2-3 days.......but that pal usually ends up an enemy!

Keep positive and come on here and get the help and support when you feel like this again.

Take care hugs being sent your way!


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ye scotsmist what a great way of putting it... food is fake, it pretends to be our friend and then when we think we need it most it turns around and bites us in the bum,,,leaving behind a couple extra pounds.... not cool lol..x

irish molly

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Aw Kate, think of the positives here! When you were doing it you knew it was wrong and you STOPPED by throwing the bread in the bin. In doing this, you said " food you ain't my pal any more".
Just keep strong and keep going. No one said this diet was easy. Be prepared that your loss this week may be affected but look to the long game here. You will be fine.