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I cheated (warning descriptive food talk!)

I had a family party on Sat eve, I knew things were gonna be difficult so I made my mind up that I wouldn't drink and wouldn't eat - I really wasn't looking forward to it.

During the day the food demons set in, I started reasoning with myself that I could have some cheese if its on offer knowing this would keep me in ketosis. I knew I shouldn't but I just couldn't resist it. I sabotaged myself by not having a food pack before I went, I know I did this on purpose.

At the party I sat and drank my sparkling water, watching everyone else tuck into chilli, jackets and cheese, pasta salads and cakes. Everywhere I turned I smelt wonderful food.

My head was telling me to grab my bag and run for the hills but my heart was telling me to grab a plate. I knew I couldn't go whole hog but what was so wrong with some cheese?? So I sat and ate a whole bowl of grated cheese, then I spied a bowl of left over bits of tortila chips and dip so I started on these finishing off with a pink cake finger thing.

I can't say I'm fully annoyed at myself, in my heart of hearts I wanted to eat. I though get over tonight and tomorrow would be a new day but eating has messed my head up, I'm still in ketosis but, this morning I've eaten loads of rich tea biscuits and had a coffee with skimmed milk :(

I've since got back into the swing of things with my food packs, I just really hope it doesn't damage my weigh in too much. I'm loosing so little at the mo anyway (outside of this blip & I don't know why).

I keep telling myself this is my choice, I do not like how I look nor feel and this is my chance to change that.

Anyway back on that treadmil...
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Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Oh nooooooooo! Kirstie... :(

Hey, well... you did what you did, no point worrying about it now... It might affect your weight loss this week, but in the grand scheme of things, it'll make little difference to your overall weight loss... after all, we monitor the losses on a weekly basis, but it's a bigger long term goal than that, so let's just look at the bigger picture... and not worry too much about your little blip... huh? :)

As for this morning, well, it's understandably hard to get back on plan after you break it... so don't beat yourself up over it...

You're back on LL now, and need to stay that way. Just do not eat anything which is not in a LL pack... it's simple! ;) Just keep that rule in your head, no if's, no but's... There is no flexibility on this 'diet'... it's not about staying in ketosis, or else we may as well go off and do Atkins... It's about cutting out the whole process of deciding what we can and can't eat... Food must not even factor into our days... then we can just focus on the counselling and deal with our food issues...

Then we can re-introduce food once we've had the counselling, and hit goal... and are more able to be sensible with it... ;)

Sorry if that sounds harsh, as that's not my intended tone... I'm just trying to help motivate you, and get your head back to where it was... you can do this hunny... the food will be there in a few months, it's not going anywhere... But for now, just stick to the packs... and you'll be at goal before you know it... :D

Awwww kirstie dont feel to bad chick like pinkie just said it isnt the end of the world if you stop now and get back on track, to be honest i feel exactly the same as you right now i had a coffee with milk earlier and although i know it wont have broke the calorie bank it has broke the rules of abstinence, but im not going to kill myself over it im going to be on this diet till november at least so im sure a lush cup of coffee isnt going to ruin my whole weightloss plan but i know if i blow it tonight completely then tomorrow and rest of week is in jeopardy, you must want to be back on track desperately as i do or we wouldnt be posting we would hide away till we finished picking so tomorrow is another day 4 packs and a 100 litres of water tomorrow lol good luck kirstie xxx
Hi Pinkie,

You are totally right, and are right to be strict I need the reality check. I have an issue with food and I need to sort this out, eating just undermines all the good work I'm doing.

I know I'll be good as the obsessing about food has gone now and I've had 3 packs just about to have my 4th. I need to stop punishing myself for my actions as that takes me backwards, I need to move on and forget this weekend. I can't get it back; you're right in the long run it will seem a long and distant memory.

What I have learnt about myself is that if I hadn't gone to the party I wouldn't have gone looking in my kitchen cupboards for food, I would have been able to cope. I can't trust myself around food in this kind of circumstance so I'm not gonna put myself in that situation till I know I can handle things.

Thanks for your support I'd defo remember; no if, no butts!
Hi Kaz,

Thanks for your comments, you're right I want to succeed on this. I knew if I fessed up then that would help me re-focus, which it has.

We can all get through this together xx

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Aww... that'd the spirit Kirstie... :)

You're clearly back in the zone, and I'm so pleased for you... It's so hard when surrounded by food, although as we start to see the weight come off, it gets a bit easier, as we are seeing the benefits... But you clearly know yourself well, and your plan to stay away from foody situations till you're more ready seems like a good one for you...

Nope, no punishing necessary... you've embarked on a really difficult thing here... many wouldn't have been able to get back on plan like you have today... that's shown such strength, and that's all your doing! You go girl!!

Besides, it's all part of the learning process... :D

So, onwards and downwards hunny... good losses, here we come!

/Oh, and step awaaaaay from the cheese!! Hehe... (Maaaan, I love cheese too though!) ;)



Ready For Change!
Oh Kirstie me too..... :(

Had a real trying week and gave in, im glad im not the only one...

I have no idea if im in ketosis, i didnt finish my packs i havent drank anything this week! Feel like giving up!
TOTM for over 6 weeks now with only a 5 day break, think that might be my route cause!

Sorry to write this in your space wasnt brave enough to post a new thread! :(
big hugs for both you guys. dont beat yourself just pick yourself up and dust yourself off. we didnt learn to walk or talk in a day. its about admitting your mistake and moving forward. well done on both you girls for admitting it and coming on here to get back on track. thats surely a step in the right direction? im doing a 14day abstinance challenge if you need that bit of motivation. xx


Never Ever Give Up!
Lots of us fall off the wagon Kirstie so don't worry about it and put it behind you. Good for you to get back into the swing of things and I know you will be strong to keep the food demons away. Good luck x
Hey Lozz - feel free to post anything here.

Please don't give up, you've come so far. I know I let the food demons get to me cause my scales hadn't shifted all week and I'd been a model student. I felt fed up too.

This isn't gonna be easy but look at what you've lost already 2st 3lb in 5 weeks!! Lets pick ourselves up and carry on this marathon. We'll be so elated when we get to the finishing post.

Kirstie xx
Hi Carrie,

Thanks for your support I'll defo join your 14 day challenge.



is Magdalicious
Girls... I can feel your pain. I know how tough it could get. Been there several times during my journey. It's just such a roller coaster. I was on top of the world this morning thinking how well I've done after a full week of abstinence.. until I found out tonight I only lost 2lbs.
I'm gutted and disheartened.
I'm not sure where to go from here but I know I need to carry on.
Need to pick myself up and finish what I started. However long it will take!
What choice do we have...

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Aww, hey Mags! Don't feel disheartened by the 2lb... You'd never let me get away with that! ;)

2lbs is 2lbs! It's a loss... and with your track record, you'll have a bigger loss next week, so think positive... even if it takes an additional week, maybe 2, to get to your goal... in the grand scheme of things, those weeks don't matter... you're doing this one last time... and then you'll enjoy the results for the rest of your life! Keep your chin up hunny! You lost... you're on your way down... and it's gonna keep going down!! That's bloody brilliant!! :D

At least you've only got one chin now Mags!
It always slows down at the end hun, you haven't got much to lose now.
Hang on in there, not long now. xx:p
I just don't understand what's going on, I'm in ketosis (and have been for the week) despite my blip, I'm weighing myself every day and I just can't seem to get past 12st 3lb.

This is driving me insane, I'm eating all 4 packs, drinking at least 3ltrs of water everyday yet I'm stuck. I could understand if I only had a little bit left to loose but I've got 4stone to go!

Why is this happening? What can I do to get the fat moving?
Mags you've done so well don't be disheartened. You've lost 2lb of fat which is amazing!

You are right near your goal you will succeed keep going, that goal post is in sight x

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