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I Crashed!

I'm so rubbish! Yesterday I got myself a lovely, brand spanking new bicycle and all the gear to go with it. The plan was to start riding to work every day in order to shift the last stubborn 10 lbs.

But today, on my test ride, everything went horribly wrong! I crashed and came off! And it REALLY hurts!

I landed on my hip which is really sore, then skidded along the concrete on my FACE and forearm ( i think my hands were still on the handlebars through all this, otherwise I guess i'd have put them out to break my fall!)

I've taken all the skin off my arm and one whole side of my face (despite having my new helmet on) :character00264: And i'm hobbling around in a lot of pain with a really bruised hip which keeps sort of jarring when i try to walk.

I'm SO RUBBISH!!!! So much for my big new adventure. :wave_cry:
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Oh Sweetie! Don't give up! You will soon get into it! I hope you soon heal. You will soon be showing us how to do it!


I want to be fitter again
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Aww that sounds so painful but please don't label yourself as rubbish. Your actions may have been but not you as a person. Take some time out to really care for yourself and eat some nutritious food which will aid the healing process xxx
Ahh. thanks Judi and Rosie, what lovely things you've said! I know I'm not rubbish really, but i've been going on to everyone about getting this bike for ages, and now i feel silly because on day one i've crashed! But don't worry, as soon as I stop hurting i'll be back on it. I'm convinced it is my ticket to target! I'm not going to let one little set back stop me from finally getting to goal! xxx
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Bless you! What an awful thing to happen, I hope next time you have better luck!
Thanks for all your kind words! Today I look like the elephant man - my whole right hand side of my face is really swollen up and puffy. Not great when you're a teacher.

What's good for reducing swelling? Is it ice, or am i too late for that since it happened yesterday? xxx


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poor you! hope you feel better soon, i want a bike myself....!!!

Have lots of fruit and i think Steaks reduce swellings - or is that a lie?

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Just because you're an adult it doesn't mean you can't fall off a bike! If it makes you feel better, we went cycling whilst on holiday in November & I fell off. Those grazes hurt so much.

I'm waiting for the better weather before I start cycling to work again.

good luck with the last few lbs ;)


I want to be fitter again
S: 11st8lb C: 11st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 0st8lb(4.94%)
RICE is the best immediate treatment
R= rest,
I = ice pack
C= compression bandage
E= elevate the affected limb xx
Thanks Rosie! My face still has the worst swelling - i'll try some ice and stop talking to rest it, but not sure about a bandage and elevation on my face! I guess it's already elevated, (being on the top of my body!) but if I put a bandage on am I not going to look like the invisible man as well as the elephant man?!!! I don't know if i've got a bandage even....i'll have to have a look ....

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