I cried in public..again!

chicken on a mission

Restarting to lose 4stone
As of last nights weigh in I am officially into the 12's at 12st 11lbs. :D

As part of my homework from last nights meeting, I went into Southampton and visited the shops. I started in M&S and picked out a lovely pair of silk pyjama style trousers in a 14 & 16. The 14’s fitted. So I ventured over to the Per Una section and picked out a tailored jacket and trousers, very girly & very chic and took a size 14 & 16 into the changing room with me. The 14 fitted but my dangly tummy didn’t give the best shape but that’s what supportive underwear was invented for so I’m not worried! :p

From there I went into Kew but looking in through the door I nearly bottled actually going in. When I got inside I had to concentrate on breathing slowing and walking slowing round and kept repeating in my head ‘I have a right to be here, I fit in now’. The 2 shop assistants looked very young and trendy and I felt very intimidated by the whole feel of the place, the bright lighting, the clothes, everything! :(

As I was browsing one of the girls side 'hi' to me in a very natural way and gave me a lovely engaging smile. I found some cargo trousers and bravely picked out a size 14 & 16 and made my way towards the changing rooms which were next to the counter. There I asked the second girl if I could try them on. She took the items and hung them up in a changing room and said that I needed anything then all I had to do was ask.

I got in the changing room and tried the size 16’s first which were too big! So I tried the 14’s and they were wearable but would be perfect by next week. I came out of the changing room and felt guilty telling the girls that I didn’t want to buy either of them and so I tried to justify this by explaining that I had lost a lot of weight and this was my first trip out high street shopping. Then I did my usual trick of getting over emotional and thanked them both for being so kind and explained that I had felt so intimidated I nearly hadn’t ventured in. They were both lovely and ignored my tears and snotty nose :eek: and said that when I felt ready that I should come back and that they would dress me as they love doing that. :eek:

That just put the icing on the cake for me, I was good enough not only to go back but also worthy of getting some attention and being dressed. It is my dream to be Trinny and Susannah’d! :D

From there I went to Kaliko, East, Wallis, Benetton, H&M, Next, Dorothy Perkins, and Warehouse and picked out a 14 & 16 in cargo trousers in each accommodate my thighs. Of those only in Warehouse and was I a 16, the rest were all 14’s apart from Benetton when I couldn’t get the 16’s much past my knees, no way that they were labelled correctly but the quality was so crap that it is on a par with Asda so I’ll just go there and pay less. Apart from actually getting me to realise that yes I am indeed a size 14, the other benefit was that I actually got to see what sort of clothes each shop did and at what prices. I hadn’t a clue you see!

It’s a real pain that I’m not at goal now because all the shops had sales and I could have bought everything I tried on! Mind you it was liberating after a while as I just wandered in, located the cargo trousers, tried them on and went back out again. If I had actually been shopping to buy things then I would have been overwhelmed at all the choice.

I now know that my style hasn’t changed from 13-14 years ago. I will still need to go for cargo, pyjama style, relaxed cut, classic or whatever you want to call it. I can’t do the straight leg styles because of my thighs so my proportions haven't changed. :rolleyes:
Oh Chicken - how lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know just how you feel!!!

And don't worry - the sales are on every couple of months!!!! SO next time, you can be buying stuff in a 12!!!

3 months down the line and I'll be out shopping for real for a whole new wardobe. Ooooo January sales too :p
Awww - chicken! :)

A great, big, HUGE congratulations on two counts: getting down into the 12s (no 'teens' for you anymore!) and being able to go into 'normal' shops - how fantastic for you!

I am absolutely over the moon for you - grinning like a cheshire cat here. You deserve your success: you are so positive and dedicated and always pass on your positive vibes to everyone here.

Onwards and downwards!

Debbie x

That was a really nice and honest post (I'm sure you know what I mean), which I'm many of us can relate to in some way.

The first time I ventured into a 'normal' shop, I also felt that I didn't belong and must have looked quite strange because I didn't really understand how the shops were laid out (honestly). Now, I'm a tart for the shops and can't stay out of them.

I'm pleased that the two shop girls were nice.

Keep it going girl. There will be more sales soon, when you can shop till you drop - and you will.
I fully understand how you feel, it just feels so great when you can drop a size. I too have just started wearing 14.
Admittedly I have bought 3 pairs of trousers and 2 blouses in size 12 because they were in the sale and I need a "guide" to how far I am off. So, I can get them on and do them up but they are tight. I'll try them on weekly until they fit well, a light at the end of my tunnel. I'll be happy in a 12.
lol - I thought that, Wez, until I got there - now I long to be a size 8-10. There's just no pleasing some people lol.

That is absolutely amazing. One of my chief aims is to be able to buy a "per una" outfit - I am aiming for the end of September but some how it feels ages off.

I am so delighted for you and for being down into the 12 stones as well. That is brilliant!
Thank you so much for your support everyone :D

What really shocked me was how scared I was. Scared things wouldn't fit, scared of the shops, scared I looked out of place. At least today has got me over that :)

I can go in normal shops and I do belong.

I love this forum to bits, friends and familly have been great but they don't quite get it! I know that you lot understand and I am thankful to have you all in my life ;)

Anyway, as I am all emotional and snotty again :rolleyes: I'll sign off now to wipe my nose on the cat to get my own back for all the times he has fluffed or dribbled on my face to wake me up and I'm off to bed.

Night night all :D
Night Chicken - may all your dreams be sweet ones! :)

Debbie x
Chicken, that is a fantastic post .. and well done for both getting into the 12s and also size 14s :D

I am so there with you! The first time I bought something in a 'normal' shop (which were still size 18 trousers - but it wasn't in Evans! *lol*) I also felt I had to tell the shop assistants that I'd never shopped there before as I'd never been able to fit into their sizes before.

Now I'm buying size 14s as a matter of course and still feel like I shouldn't be! Aren't we a weird bunch? *lol*
OMG, I must be very emotional today and its only day one and also no where near totm lol. that was a lovely and VERY inspirational post - Thank you!

Well done, I cannot wait to do that. At the moment clothes shopping is so boring, coming home with an evans bag and new look bag if I am lucky, and usually NL is too tight!

When I can go shopping in Next, Top Shop I will be carrying those bags with pride, not holding the size on the hanger towards me so anyone that might know me sees I am a size 26/28! I think I will cry with each size that goes down, and hey I might be run out of tears by a size 16 lol.

Congratulations again, you have done so well!
Well Done Chicken, its moments like those you describe which keeps us all on this journey. You deserve the reward of being treated well, actually you always did, it was your lying chatterbox that made you think you didn't. The treat of being able to shop where you like you have earned, every moment of pleasure you totally deserve. I am so pleased and happy for you, I am smiling thinking of you being so chuffed. Hugs
You had a great trip. And what a good idea. I'm going to do that when I get down. Up til now Evans has been my one and only shop too.
I would have cried too.
Irene xx
So pleased for you Chicken, well done!
And you sooooooooooooo do belong in any shop you choose to go into and don't you forget it!
x Matty
Absolutely fantastic!!! It's such an emotional experience, had a similar one in the monsoon sale last week when I managed to fit into a size 14 skirt( I'm sure it must have been generous)!

You savour the moment chicken, you deserve it.

Just had my weigh in 3lbs this week which has just pushed me over the 7st lost milestone!!!:D Anyway just off to Goodwood in a mo (wearing a dress I wore 10 years ago to my neice's christening and looked rubbish in but now it fits!!!!!;) )

Love to ya'll
Louise x
chicken, what a lovely post...............sending you ((((((((

Think you've described how so many of us have felt - I've often been too intimidated to venture into some shops - it's almost like you expect someone to come up and ask why you're in there !!!!

I still automatically take a size bigger into changing rooms just incase think it takes a while to get used to being slimmer.........but hey, it's such a BUZZZZZZZ

Like you, can't wait til I get to goal and can really do some serious retail damage :cool:
I reckon Evans will be bust soon with all our weight losses!!!!!!!
Hi Chicken!

Just wanted to say congratulations - you must be over the moon! What a feeling going into a shop and actually looking for lovely clothes to show off your figure instead of finding clothes that hide you all up!

You've done so well - keep it up!

Sarah x