I did it !! hit my target !!!


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I DID IT :D I'm in the 13s....AND I'm no longer Obese - just OVERWEIGHT !!!:D :)

Never thought I'd be so pleased to be overweight ! lol

I feel so much better than I did just 10 short weeks ago - Cambridge ROCKS ;)

So - all you newbies....stick with it - you CAN do this - prepare to be amazed at the weight dropping off.. I know I have been :)

It's a fab feeling - feels like I'm getting my life back - I have so much more energy, my (smaller) clothes feel and look so much better....and I'm feeling so much more positive about everything !

It's amazing how being overweight really affects how I feel about everything.....wish I'd discovered this earlier !

Anyway, I'm here now - thanx to all of you as well for your support and help with all my (daft) questions ;)

Hope evryone else is having a good day...and all weekend weighers got the results they were after on the scales :D


Great News!!! Congratulations.

Such a relief not to be the "O" word anymore eh?

Enjoy your weekend.

Dizzy x
Wow!! Well done. I am so pleased for you. It's great to hear about people meeting their targets because you know that meeting your own targets won't be too far away!



Well done you - thats fabulous darling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Excellent news!!!!!!!

Well done Debz, you have done fantastically!!

who said that .......!! that means you are disappearing !!! it's meant to be a joke x
Thank you all for your words of encouragement :) - it means a lot to me !

I am absolutely DEEEEELIGHTED....can you tell ??!! ;)

love to all (I'm in that kinda mood...can't think why :confused: )

Congratulation Debz. You have done so well.

Jazzy x

Jazzy / Gillian - as have both of you :D AMAZING weught losses - well done to you both !!!

thanx for your encouragement....and being an inspiration to us all :)


Well done Debz :D Thats fabulous news.

You're doing really well and the weight is just dropping off you.

Keep it up hun.
Puddycat / Jelly belly - thanx for your kind words :)

I can't begin to tell you how DEEEEEEELIGHTED I am :D

I feel so much better about myself - it's fab !!

Had a bit of a 'trying on' session today - and so many of my 'old' clothes now fit :)

For a bit of a giggle, I tried on my size 22/24 trousers...and they just fell down :eek: It's amazing to think that I used to FILL them :eek: :eek: must take a piccie and stick it in the gallery for a laugh ;)

I'm now half way - have just over 3 stone left to lose...a few months ago that would've daunted me but now I just know I can do this :D

hope you lot have had a good start to your CD week...catch ya later peeps !