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I did it.. i am very proud lol!!

I know this may seem silly to some people. But i am so proud of myself today and i think its the first time i can REALLY see myself getting to my goal weight!!

Its my best friends little girls birthday party tomorrow and i promised i would make some rice crispy cakes :( I have been worried about it all week because melting chocolate etc was not what i needed right now lol. I was very worried i might slip u and give in..... BUT I DIDNT!!!

Omg i did it!! They are all sitting on my kitchen worktop all done and ready to go tomorrow hehe!!! I am very proud that as sticky and messy as it was nothing went near my mouth haha. I normally lick the spoon after or save one for myself lol but nope i didnt and i am very happy. hehe!!

Ok so its something small i know, but i think to myself, hey if i can cook my fav with out being tempted then i can do anything... and then it hit me.. omg i might just end up sticking to this diet and getting to my goal. I nearly started cryin sittin down in the livingroom i am so happy. Daft i know but it is a very good day or me and i am very proud of myself :D yay!!!

Hope everyone elses day is going as good as mine :D xxx
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well done you!! thats anything but small

you had your self lined up for self sabbotage and refused to cave in

well done!! very proud of you


2010 - Year I get slim :)
Oh yay I am so glad to hear this Tasha hun :D

It is great that you did not slip up.. well done you must feel really pround of yourself ^.^. And it doesn't matter how small a thing you say it is... it is a step forward in the right direct and shows that you are committed to achieving your goal :)

Proud of you!!! xx
Well done Tasha! Hug!
well done hun

I like things like this as simple as it is it makes u realise you can do it and makes it all worth it
Excellent control and willpower Tasha, well done.

Good thing I'm not in your area or you might spot odd woman peering in the kitchen window at the choc rice cakes (a real favourite).

I was obsessive at looking at cake shops when I was in Venice last November - naughty me! x
Loving the willpower - well done Tasha :)
well done! temptation is a massive thing to beat, something we all struggle with, hence being on CD. I'm afraid it will be a long war, but you won the first major battle, you should be proud.
Well done Tasha, it's not a small thing hun it's a big achievement. Temptation is one of our biggest enemys and you overcame it today. Like you say if you can get through that you can get through anything :clap:
Amazing willpower :D Well done!
Well done! I made choc chip muffins today with my stepson, I actually got really into baking when I started CD, I like seeing other people enjoy food even if I can't!


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well done for resisting the temptation

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