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I didnt just fall off the wagon...i jumped off!


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Easter Sunday went so well I measured out a small amount of chocolate and incorporated it into my syns...it was Monday where it all started to go wrong :(

My mum was down to visit as she loves far away and we went for lunch...mum really wanted a shish kebab as they aren't nice where she lives so we had a lunch time special outside a lovely restaurant which was chicken cubes, rice, salad and a pitta. I thought about leaving the pitta...but as it was weigh in day, had all
My points ahead of me and hadn't eaten pitta bread for weeks...I decided to eat 3 quarters of it! I synned it all and allowed for the oil on the salad and chicken marinade.

So far so good....

I then met up with a friend for a diet coke outside the pub as was a lovely day, and ended up going back to theirs for the evening, it was getting late and we made some pasta, my friend forgot about my diet and added oil to the pasta...I didn't make a fuss so had to
Point it! As she was having a tomato and mascapone sauce I opted for plain and just added a little cheese and hot sauce, had already had my he a so had to syn the cheese also! She also poured dressing over the salad...so this too had to be accounted for!

Got home and saw my Easter egg on the side...now up until this point my chocolate will power had been immense but I crumbled and ate half my egg and a small bag of malteasers...all in all on this specific day I had around 48 syns!! This was my learning curve! I normally stick to my daily syns and only save them up if I had a big occasion, and will not be doing this again as it has thrown me massively off track! Things only continued to get worse! I already knew that we were due to go for a curry the next day and I made all the right choices...until I got a bit poppadom happy and ended up clocking my syns up to 20 for the day instead of my 15! This was an estimate but wanted to add extra to be safe!

Wednesday was a day trip out which started off well I was good had the lowest syn ice lolly and snacked on fruit even when others were eating baguettes until I could get home and make myself something sw friendly...now because I'd already used up
Over half my syn allowance for the week my syn allowance for the remaining days had massively decreased and this is where I struggled. Thus ending up by going over, basically I ended up with 9 sins left over 3 days...ridiculous as I had a social event last night and I have a family fortieth birthday on my bf side on sunday and I will have to have a drink in order to make it through lol! So yesterday whilst at a street party...I through the towel in...I drank...I ate pasta will sausage in it and a whole
Load of oil...I had two slices of pizza...and some ice cream!! I actually don't feel so bad about this especially as I know I have the birthday coming up and drinking can't be avoided but I've learnt a very valuable lesson and that is not to
Over do it at the beginning of the week and to stick to having my syn allowance daily not weekly unless planned for! I'm
Going to drink at the birthday tomorrow and start a fresh from Monday, will try not to weigh myself at all between now and next Monday as I've inevitably gained after my week and it will only bring me down!

Sorry for the long babbling message just felt I needed to get it off my chest...and confess lol :)

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bless you child for you have hugely syned lol, dont worry about it we all have bad times of it. took me 2 weeks stuffing my face till i got hold of myself! enjoy your night out x


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Get back on it, its ok to fall off (or fling yaself off!) once in a while, dont let it beat you though and just get straight back on that SW wagon!!!

Im just about to start SW again and last time I did it I was getting married and so were friends, so hen nights a go go!! My SW leader said to stick to the SW way in the day and then when the night time came to forget all about it, have a great evening and then get straight back on it in the morning.

Stick at it where you can so you dont slip into old habits, and crack on with it next week :) The good thing is you know where you went wrong as such, and you've learnt where you can slip :D


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S: 8st10.5lb C: 8st10.5lb G: 8st0lb BMI: 21.7 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
:) thanks guys! I started again today and despite saying I wouldn't weigh till next week I did this morning and had only really gained 2lb so wasn't too stressed, plus I knew I would have so definitely not a shock. Xx

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I know exactly how you feel. I did ok at the beginning of easter, but just kind of exploded with all the socialising over the break, and practically inhaled 2 easter eggs in the process... wasn't even good choccy really, wish I'd just had some amazing egg than 2 mediocre ones. Trying to get back on the wagon today, having raspberries with sweetner and total 0%, so delicious.


Time to start again!
Laws, what you have to remember is that we aren't here to judge just help and understand each other, which we do in spades, we all do it, and we all feel guilty afterward... The main thing is you knew you could get back on track and that it's just life throwing curved balls at us... You will probably be better for that blip, and you were strong enough to admit where you went wrong... Good luck, and keep trying, we all need to...

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