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i dnt get how it works...

Well, as long as you are counting your points and staying within them, you'll be fine. The proof of the pudding will come at your next weigh-in, which I'm sure will be fine x
i am not going to a class cos i just cant afford it. i have found out everything i need from the internet, its just the odd thing or two i need help with ... like understanding how im gna lose weight on it for one! I understood how slimming world could make u lose weight and i lost 2 stone in 3 months on that...but this i just cant understand


need to be old goofy me
Hey Vicky,

To lose a lb in weight, your body needs to be deprived of 3,500 Kcals, either through cutting back on food, or burning them off through exercise [thats a heck of a lot of exercise!].

You're probably eating as much as you normally did, but just eating healthier foods, which are lower in Kcals/fat than what you ate pre-weightwatcher.

Someone will come along with a full-blown scientific explanation. All i know is that it works, so stick with it! :)
Ah right ok..i am finding i am feeling a lot more hungrier but feeling that way i know its prob most likely working.
i have started doing some exercise, walking and the occasional jog within that so am hoping that will help. I know a brisk walk is 3points added to your allowance of which i am not going to use unless i really have to... i see this as losing weight quicker if i do not use points i collect from exercise.
if i am incorporating jogging into my walk does this collect any more points or not?
spose not rly cos i havnt ever had the weightwatchers foods before and ive started drinking bottled water which is what id not normally drink alot of but i know if i drink that it means i can save my points for food :)
We will all see if it works for me on friday as i said when i get paid :)

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