I don't feel well???


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new to the site and new to the vlcd's - I have been on LL just over a week and have noticed a couple of things - I have very little concentration and today I took the wrong slip road on a journey I do every week and carried out the same task twice at work!!! (not normal for me):confused: I also range between light headed and fuzzy headed most of the time.

I have cold at the minute so I'm hoping you're all gonna tell me that it'll be fine in a few days! I'm waiting for the energy boost that so many have mentioned on this programme.

The first few days are definitely the worst, hun. You will deffo feel better very soon - just try to ride it out and you will feel great! Honestly!!!!!
thanks isobel,
i think i need to wait and see once this cold has gone if i do get back to 100%....
You can take paracetamol on SS, hun which will help. It's nice to have it crushed up in hot water with one of the water flavourings - which you can have after the first week.
Hope you feel better soon!
I felt like this during my first couple of weeks, to the point I would sometimes have to sit down from being so dizzy, I up'ed my water intake to 4 litres a day (Which i struggle on some days!) but i have felt loads better when I do manage this much in one day. give that a try and hope you are feeling better soon.
When I was on LL last year I too found that upping the water really helped to keep a clear head. I'm sorry you're feeling unwell. What a rotten time to get a cold, but I'm sure as your cold gets better and you get more used to the programme things will improve. If not be sure to tell your counsellor. Good luck
I was dizzy too onmy first week and like the others upped my water where possible. I still struggle to drink enough I think but I am getting better and it really does help.

Good luck with it.

Most, if not all of us feel like this, my diary on weight loss diaries explains how I felt.

It took me a around a week to 10 days to feel normal again, and believe me it does get so much easier, couple of things you could do to help
*Increase water intake, hard for some but if you drink it at room temperature it helps
*Split your packs, can you have 6 mini packs instead of three?

When I look back on the first week or so it makes me laugh now, I had no brain capacity at all! I even forgot where I parked my car.

It will get easier, I was new to all this and its now day 40 and second nature.

Good luck and keep us posted
Hmmmmmmm, cant remember lol, need some more water!
Hmmmmm...it's definitely all in the water!!!!..lol:D
hiya girls,

re the WATER!!!!!

I'm drinking anywhere between 6-7 litres (last week my cousellor said I was dehydrated on just 4 litres)
surely I can't need to drink more!!!!
Nope - don't go above 7 litres of water - sounds like your body just needs a while to adjust. You'll be fine in a few days, I'm sure. But - if you're concerned - pop into your GP for a check up to get some reassurance.
thanks isobel
just need to ride out this cold and then see what happens!!!!