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I don't know what else I can do!!

I have stuck to 29 points a day. No more than 15 weeklies. No weeklies this week. I ahve gone low carb. No bread, no pasta, no pots, no rice, no cous cous, and no biscuits, cakes or rubbish at all for 2 weeks. Last time I drank was Dec 18th. Over the last week, I ahve ahd my Mums dog, and walked her for miles. I have also managed to run 5k for the 1st time in ages. I am drinking enough, not loads but at least 2 litres. I ahve lost 1.5lbs in the last 4 weeks!! AAGHHH!!!! This isn't after a long and protracte weight losss. I lost a few lbs before christmas,, then put some back on, and not even lost that yet! I really don't know what else to do. Except shakes, and I really can't afford to go down that route
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Have you tried eating more? The daily points seem to equate to the minimum your body needs before starvation. If youre exercising on top of this your body will need more to fuel it. Try this week just using more of your weeklies x

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I could do. I'm just terrified to. If I go another week with losing nothing I really will be so so upset. I've never heard of anyone starving themselves fat!! But I anything is worth a go. Thanks
Also, I really don't want to eat rubbish. I'm eating around 3 to 4 piees of fruit a day, that would be another 2 points old style. And loads of veg. Could try eating more meat and cheese
mumtheshopper said:
Also, I really don't want to eat rubbish. I'm eating around 3 to 4 piees of fruit a day, that would be another 2 points old style. And loads of veg. Could try eating more meat and cheese
That's the bette way to do it. It's not that you'll starve yourself fat rather that your body goes into starvation and wont let itself lose weight. A good lb per week is a great weight loss. Works out as nearly 4st over a year. X

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I know. I'd be well happy with a lb a week. I've lost 1.5lbs in the last 4 weeks. Since xmas that's 4.5lbs in 5 weeks. So maybe I shouldn't be so fed up. But you do always expect a big loss after xmas don't you?


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I agree definately use your daily propoints, they're there for a reason, and try a week of no weekly points?

Also update the foods you're eating? I find when im having new foods or meals in my diet i loose more. Eating the same foods get you stuck in a rut, and so does your body :)
Eeee bless u! I have a similar problem as my weight doesnt come down for ages. However if u stick to it u will lose weight. I'm really impressed with ur commitment n weight loss to date. I've lost 5lbs in as many weeks. Slowly slowly........
i starved myself fat before joining ww,,i hardly ate but because my body was starving it the food went straight to my hips:D. i'm like you i'm very frustrated these days as it's so slow,,will keep trying for another few weeks and if i dont get a result then back to discover:(kinda wish now i never gave up discover
irishlady said:
well i cant say im happy on propoints,:mad: what is the discovery plan :sigh:
Their previous plan, I lost all my weight with it originally. U could have 18+ pts per day and could carry some over etc. Fruit was mostly pointed tho. It was a lot easier/cleaner to manage for me personally.
Well was really peed of last night so had 10 weeklies worth of choccy, then I'm starting today. Can only stick with it. What else can I do? MAy give another 1 or 2 weeks then try a VLCD.
Why don't you also try for the next few days double logging your food - put everything you eat and drink into myfitnesspal.com and see what the calories are showing too. I double log, it tells me that i need 1410 cals per day, net, to lose 1lb per week. It takes your bmr etc into account and if you have an iphone they have an app you can use which makes it really user friendly.

Give it another week, follow ww to the letter - use your dailies, use your weeklies if you want something extra or are having a day where you just need the comfort, but use them - they say that you can eat them and still lose 1-2lbs per week which is a good healthy loss. But don't deprive yourself - have a drink, a bit of bread etc, everything in moderation - the plan will be much easier to stick to long term that way. And also - take your measurements.... some weeks i find i lose size rather than weight.


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