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I don't know what I am doing wrong?

try drinking more fluids, exercise more (even if its walking) or do as ive started to do, start taking in less calories, by eating the same things but ones with less calories in them e.g. i used to have a cup a soup 93 cal now swapped for tescos light choices 65, so i eat the same, so i dont feel hungry and reduce my calories that little bit more. i dont know what else to suggest?!


you can do it
I just look at myfitnesspay website and I had korean sushi its 435 calories per roll and I had 4!!! Jesus, I thought sushi was meant to be healthy, no more sushi for me!


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hi babaloo please dont give up i was stuck for 3 weeks at the same weight i cried each week if i want something i check the calories first if too high then its a no no unless i incoperate with a full meal and cut back i wal alot and swim twice a week and thats the lot its also portion size .. sushie is not healthy some is google and see whats good and whats not you are doing well dont give up many times i wanted to but keep at it things will drop into place .. 2 days before my weigh in i drink loads of water try it xx
It's not so much whats healthy, obviously its a bonus, but once or twice a week i have oven chips (100g @ 150cal) and a tesco mini pizza (95g @ 270cal) with a small salad (approx 70cal)! so for 490cal i can still eat the things i like! it just means i have to look around for ones which aren't so bad as the ones i normally have! so as peanuts said, look round for ones that aren't so high in calories.


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i even have a mcdonalds kids meal with diet coke @ 480 cals a bargain :)
also on myfitness people can add their own entries (so some could be their own homemade versions with varying calories), so if its a brand you eat, then check on the packet not just on there.

Just had a quick look at Tesco, their large sushi packs (400g approx) are around 500cal. dont know if this is of any use to you?!
It's from a korean shop so no calories on the packaging. I think I am going to stay away from things that doesnt state the calories! Im so disappointed, i went to bed hungry!


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please dont be dissapointed baba you will learn as you go along i wont eat anything that hasnt got cals on it im no good at guessing keep at it and it will all fall into place i promise
yep i agree with the firts post! loads of water is so important. if your body dosn`t get enough water it starts to retain it. your body may have lost fat but your scales are showing water weight. also exercise,exercise , exercise!!!!
Well so far I had one slice of wholemeal and a boiled egg for breakfast. I am constantly drinking water and green tea thus I am always visiting the toilet. Any recommendation on snacks and dinner? Lunch is going to be a shake!! :)


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i tend to stick to under 100 cal snacks this morning i had a 1 finger drifter yummy anything thats under 100 cals will do it is working for me
im on the implant and i still have periods, i had my weigh in and only lost 1lb, next day when i came off and after 30min of exercise i lost 3lb overnight! plus you put weight on when its totm
As for snacks and lunches, I seem to be drifting away from the bars and shakes now and just watching my calorie intake. for example at work i'll snack on cup a soups (65cal), cereal bars etc. as for lunch I tend to have either pot noodle in a mug (about 140cal) or a mug shot (240 cals, depending on how many cals my snacks or dinner are going to be) it's a lot more filling and as its hot it takes longer to eat so you dont feel like its gone in seconds! and they are only 44p each! :) better than a £1 shake I say!
I ate toast and marmite with boiled egg for lunch, then low fat jelly with a tiny scoop for icecream for my snack. Thats my snack for the day gone. Going to have a shake at 4 pm..not really hungry now. I need to get myself back on it properly, ive been slacking the past two days, I really want to give up! I've been reading others post and they lost 6 pounds in a week, but it took me 2 months to lose that!!! grrr
i was like you lost less than half a pund a week. Even though i was angelic.

Four weeks ago doctor prescribed me xencial and for the last two i have transfered from Slimfast to maxitone shakes (hardly any sugar but mmuch more protein) and i have lost 7ibs in a month and that includes havign a weekend off for my hen night. Weight loss is now around the 2-3lb a week level.

It is expensive but it worked for me.

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