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i dont think i can do this much more....

I'm losing it. I have awful cottonmouth, pins and needles in my hands, i'm FREEZING cold, and cannot stay awake.

I weighed on day 1, on day 3 i was -5lbs, and now today i'm -3lbs. How is it possible for it to fluctuate this much? I know any weight loss is good, but it seems everyone has a huge loss on week 1 of SSing.

I bought a variety of soups and shakes, discovered that i cant stomach most of the soups and i't seems my sense of smell for food has heightened (nevermind all the food adverts on tv!)

What do i do?
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Please please please stick with it until the end of your first week, you should start to feel better soon and the first weigh in will all be worth it! Your weight will fluctuate due to how much water you are retaining, try to stay away from the scales until your WI. Perhaps get an early night this evening.

Best of luck


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Try not to become obsessed with the scales, as body weight can fluctuate so much on a daily basis, remember a pint of water weighs a pound and a quarter, but your body can retain fluid. Try to go by your weekly weigh ins, but look at this diet over a month not on a weekly basis, as long as you lose 14lbs approx a month, that is what I was told to aim for and it always rang true..

You have done it the right way with the shakes and soups, I did the same and at the moment I only like the chocolate tetras, veg soup and malt toffee / chocolate bars (not until week 3).. so if you don't like any and you have a stock your CDC should be able to change them for you...

Try to keep busy I know it sounds hard, but I know it sounds stupid but I coped by cooking and baking!

Good luck hunny, You can do it, just try not to let the scales rule your emotions for the day!

What your feeling is perfectly normal! Please dont give up yet. Ideally try not to weigh yourself midweek because the scales can play tricks on you. Firstly, are you drinking enough water?? Sometimes your body will retain water if your a bit dehydrated?? One week my weight fluctuated from loosing 5 lbs to putting on 2lbs and on my official weigh day I lost 7lbs so please dont worry about the scales. If youve been good and have stuck to SS then you will loose weight this week. The coldness and the horrible taste will go after about day 5.

Personally I dont like the soups at all but if you can hang on till week 2 youll have the bars to look forward to. This diet really works...dont give up


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Hi Blue, we all have one really hard day at the beginning, day 2 was hard for me. I was the same, all sticky mouthed, freezing cold, shakey. It passed and day 3 felt fine.

If you are going to weigh yourself everyday make sure you do it first thing in the morning, before you have anything to eat and drink. Do it at the same time each time, for accurate results. Weighing myself every morning in the first week kept me going, as I could see the results.

Just keep posting on here if that helps, or go have a steaming hot bath to warm yourself up. Grab a duvet, turn the fire on, and snuggle up on the sofa.
Thank you so much, i'm feeling so much better. Just had half a frozen tetra and mixed with the other unfrozen half....mmm, chocolatey goo xxx
Hiya blue......great advice from all the girls really hope tomorro eases up a bit for you tomorrow, the cold is a good sign that you're in ketosis though hehe and if u can avoid the scales then great coz they can be really depressing and ruin a great week by reading them.....for example this week i was really depressed as i'd tried really hard and my scales said 2lbs but when i got on the CDC scales i'd lost 4lbs so had i not ignored the result and plundered on i could have completely ruined the week by snacking. Good luck hun xx
Well i made it through the night, and i even just went into tesco and walked straight past the bakery, picked up some triple choc cookies for my OH and DIDNT GET ANYTHING FOR MYSELF!!!!
So could have picked up anything - no one was looking. I'm proud of myself and as i was in there i kept telling myself that if i gave up now i would be dissapointing myself and basically giving you all a slap in the face as you've been so supportive of me.

Thank you so much guys, i owe you!!

Leah xxx
Well done for resisting temptation Leah. You really will be pleased at the end of the week when you get on the scales. I only ever weigh myself once, at the end of each week. I know that if I scale-hop then it can wreck my mood. Your body naturally fluctuates in weight and if you keep weighing yourself you are bound to see lots of difference either way.

Stay off the scales till the end of your first week and believe me - you will see a lovely drop in weight if you have stuck to the diet.

Good luck for the rest of the week :)
Hi Leah
Hope you're feeling ok this morning... I'm only on Day 4 & its getting better. My headache from Day 3's on its way out & yesterday as I sliiped into ketosis I felt brilliant. I'm starting to get those really good feelings again, positive.
You need to keep talking to yourself, eventually if you keep saying it you'll hear it in the end. All I can hear myself saying over and over is that 'you can control this, you can do this, your mentally hungry not physically' there are many things in life that we are unable to control, day to day living stresses & strains which most of us use as a prop to assist us in remaining overweight, this is a section of life at some point we can deal with though it all takes us different speeds & journeys to get there.
Hang tough - there are lots of us feeling like you do girl :):):)
Well done for not giving into temptation Leah!!!
As everyone has said, don't jump on the scales and see the definite result when you weigh at your CDC's. I am an obitual scale weigher and if my scales would show a gain, I would eat something as I felt disappointed, now I will wait until next Tuesday for my first weigh in.

You can do this Hun and before you know it, you will be the weight you want!!!


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Its funny - I had the heightened smell too, and I went to the doctors with numb arms - never associated this with the diet (He said my handbags wete too heavy - thats true too lol)
M smell is still better - but oddly i am enjoying it! I almost feel i am enjoying the food without eating it!

plus - all the other smells are fab - fresh air, coffee etc
I really cannot express how grateful i am to all of you.

Half way through day 5....i CAN do this!!

Diolch yn fawr xxx
Hi Leah

Glad to hear you are feeling better than earlier. I am on Day 4 of SS and am too having a problem staying awake. Everybody keeps saying it gets easier after the first week so hang on in there. I am doing this withmy freind and she too is struggling so you are not alone. Just think of goals you want to achieve when you are feeling low thats what I do. Hope you get the results you want at your first weigh in. The girls on here are fabulous. Good luck with the rest of your week:cool:
You are all shiny stars! Minimins is like a huge family, thank you all for making me feel so welcome.

Actually feeling extremely emotional today.....but this a good feeling :D


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Am on day 10 and feel great, so it does get better! I'm not as cold any more, I don't feel hungry (except when I just saw wispa bars in the shop, total addiction flashback) and the water is no longer a chore!
WISPA?! have they made a comeback?
Cor! Flashbacks xx

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