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I dont think I can do this!

:cry:Im on day 6 of my first week and starting to think that I cant do this diet. I havent cheated once although the temptation to eat is unbelievable. :(

I just dont know what to do. I feel so miserable. :cry: I know the diet works as I can notice the difference already and expect a good loss when I go for my WI tomorrow but Im thinking of giving up.

I could also be putting the money to better use. I've just moved house and want to decorate and I want to start getting in Christmas presents for my 8 month old daughter.

I really do want to lose this weight but I just think I can lose weight and not feel so miserable. Ive done both WW and SW before and Im considering going back to one of those.

I have learnt something this week though, I already feel I have a better attitude towards food. I will never take food for granted again as I have felt so deprived this week. So I think when I go for my weigh in tomorrow I will speak to the pharmarcist about a refeed then go straight onto an easier diet.

I wish I had the will power to stay away from food that everyone else on here has and I wish you all luck. Keep up the good work xx
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aww hun :hug99: you have to do whats right for you. Your doing brill so far and go for your wi tomorrow you never know tomorrow's wi might spur you on to do another while. what ever you decide best of luck hun :) x


is loving the soup?!
Clare-Jo, I am going to be harsh here. If you stop now you will be absolutely gutted - not next week, not even the following day, but the very moment that bite of food passes your lips.
It will not taste like you thought. You will be devastated.
You want to eat, so you aren't thinking straight - I expect you are making excuses so you can eat.
Was the money this much of an issue when you bought the stuff last week? No. You made the decision to do LT - to invest in YOU and your happiness. Would you rather be overweight with a newly decorated house, or slim with cheaper decorating or waiting a few months? This is only for the short term after all.
You will not feel bad after the first week. You will be almost euphoric - and that could kick in at any moment now. Or you could eat and feel ten times worse than you do right now.
I'm going to ask you a few questions. Did SW or WW work for you before? And were you happy on them rather than stressed? If so, why are you here?
You may have learned from this week, but not enough. You haven't yet beaten your food demons, and that is why you are feeling like this.
Come on Clare-Jo, at least you've nearly got the worst bit over. There's hardly any time left till you are doing so much better with this! Distract yourself, do absolutely anything you need to except eat.
If not, I'll guarantee you'll want to start this again as soon as you stop.
Believe me, we've all been through this week. Whether you get through it is not a matter of willpower - none of us has any willpower or we wouldn't be overweight - it is about wanting it, and forcing ourselves to have a positive attitude even when we don't feel it. And then we suddenly find we really do feel stronger. Fake it till you make it : )
Just do it for today, have your wi and then decide.
Loads of love whatever you choose XXX
Thanks for your advice Rachel. I have never lost more than 1 1/2 stone on ww/sw and I was always cheating. It just that I feel so miserable right now, I keep waiting for this feeling of wellbeing that Im supposed to feel but nothings happening. I feel so tired and dont have any energy.

I suppose I may feel different after my WI but right now I just feel miserable. :cry:


is loving the soup?!
(((hugs))) I know how horrible it is and I'm so sorry you're going through it. The good feeling will happen, hon. Just keep going till tomorrow...pretend you're ill today and treat it as such...lots of hot drinks, and rest as much as you can (though I know with an 8 month old it probably isn't much! ;)).
Treat yourself nicely - books, magazines, DVDs, phone a friend, bath, whatever you like.
Don't press yourself with household chores.
All this will help you learn that food is there as fuel, not as a friend - and learning that is the ONLY way you're going to be slim for life. And it's hard but it is possible and many people here are living proof of that. None of them regrets LT.
Get through till tomorrow...less than 8.5 hours to go till midnight now and you've already done more than 130 hours on this diet!
Fingers crossed, you'll be in ketosis happy land when you wake up! And your wi will spur you on...if your clothes seem looser, you've lost a LOT.
Thanks Rachel, I am going to keep going today. Dont want to ruin what Ive already done - not after how painful its been!!

Im thinking I may just try another week and take it one day at a time x


is loving the soup?!
Yeah. I bet you'll start feeling different anyway very soon. It can be excruciating...but you will look back on it in a matter of days and feel glad you did it.

Wow I feel like I'm browbeating you now! Sorry...it's just there's a magic moment when you come out of the tunnel and realise that instead of reading everyone's losses and feeling jealous/overwhelmed you actually feel like one of them. And it's absolute magic.


escaping the fat
Just wait till youve weighed in. Youll be stunned by how much youve lost, probably more than a few weeks on the other diets. You are over the worst please keep going. It will be so worth it.


is loving the soup?!
totally off topic but your daughter is so adorable! And you're not bad looking yourself lol *seethes jealously*


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Well done for doing 6 days. Its not easier but what spurs me n is the massive weight that people have lost. Its not easy but honestly it really does get easier. For me money is always an issue however if someone said you can lose 3 stone in 12 weeks ( and I ate normally for 2 weeks on holiday) for £300 i'd have bitten their hand off.
Ultimately you decide what suits you. I've been a reloving door on every diet club possible and failed miserable - and gained weight so for me not eating feels like a release. Once ketosis kicks in you'll be surprised how easy it is. Silly question but are you drinking enough as that certainly affects me.
Try heating up the chocolate shakes ( and if nec add sweetner to it) it kind of tastes like hot chocolate but i find it provides me with an element of comfort food.
Good luck in whatever you decide.
As an aside some GPs are listed on the programme and if you can pursuade your GP to support you the cost is around £22.00 per week but only certain GPs can do it.

I hope all goes well in what you decide either way you should have had a good weight loss tomorrow to kick start you into another diet.

Good luck n keep in touch


Mad as a Hatter
I'm on day 3 at the moment and to be honest, it's the worst I have felt in the 3 times that I have done LT. I feel really lightheaded and a bit sick but I know when I wake up tomorrow I will feel great, so I'm just knuckling down and getting on with it.... early night tonight for me - Hubby can look after the kids !!:D
I know where you are coming from and how hard it can be to stick to. I am on day 3 of Cambridge diet and I am struggling. My stomach keeps making funny noises and people in the office are starting to stare but when i think about it I'm only hungry because eating is just what I am used to doing. I'm bored and not actually hungry so if I cheat now I will feel no better for it. I've joined this forum today to read the success stories, to keep me motivated and to get some moral support and hopefully all the replies you have had will spur you on.

Good Luck

H xx
hugs for you hun i know exactly where you are coming from i had to come off lipotrim due to money i have 5 children and christmas is creeping up too quick so i decided i had to come off it and go onto weight watchers till after christmas and if i dont manage to do it by myself i am back on it after christmas. just what ever you do dont give in today see how you feel tomorrow once you have had your weigh in. i know what it is like with money hun so sit down and be honest with yourself and ask yourself this
are you trying wanting to come off it because you cant afford it?
or is it cos you want food more?
if you can truely answer it to the first option then so be it hun but if it is cos you want food hun dont cave! we will all surport you here no matter what through good and bad times we are all here! i may not be on lipotrim but i am sticking in the group this group has offered me alot of surport over the past month and i have become close to everyone here and the point of i also know what you are going through. please all you have to do is be honest with yourself??
good luck hun and let us know on what you decide to do and please let us know how your weigh in goes tomorrow??
Thanks for all your encouraging messages. And thanks Rachel for the lovely compliments!!

Im just going to stick with it for today. I dont actually mind the shakes and Im drinking shed loads of water but I still feel down.

Madhousemum - its a bit of both really. Money wouldnt be so much of an issue if xmas wasnt round the corner and then my daughter is 1 in january so things will start getting tighter.

I think I'll just see how I feel after tomorrows WI. I'll buy another week of shakes anyway and just see how I feel each day. If I decide to come off it I can still always have the shakes instead of the odd meal when I start a new diets.

Once again thanks for your replies, Im starting to feel a little bettter xx
my little one is 1 in november so i know exactly wat your going through hun. dont be a stranger though hun stick with us no matter wat you decide to do. xxx


Mad as a Hatter
Too expensive ?

A common theme throughout these posts is how expensive the diet is...but am I the only one who eats more than £36 a week in food normally ?
I work for a large bank -at least for the moment I do - and to be honest I can spend more than £5 each day on some toast at breakfast, a couple of coffees and then a jacket potato and beans at lunchtime...so for me, it's costing me less than I normally spend...


is loving the soup?!
There are 2 of us and normally we eat quite cheaply. So this is costing us more - but not a lot more. I reckon about an extra £8-£10 a week.
A common theme throughout these posts is how expensive the diet is...but am I the only one who eats more than £36 a week in food normally ?
I work for a large bank -at least for the moment I do - and to be honest I can spend more than £5 each day on some toast at breakfast, a couple of coffees and then a jacket potato and beans at lunchtime...so for me, it's costing me less than I normally spend...
the same for me - i was spending about a fiver on lunch a day and then shopping regularly too. our food bills are much lower and the money i've "saved" on lunch and put away - i think of it in the same way as giving up cigarettes. Having said that, there's only me and OH so it's probably very different to people who have families.
A common theme throughout these posts is how expensive the diet is...but am I the only one who eats more than £36 a week in food normally ?
I work for a large bank -at least for the moment I do - and to be honest I can spend more than £5 each day on some toast at breakfast, a couple of coffees and then a jacket potato and beans at lunchtime...so for me, it's costing me less than I normally spend...
I would normally spend about £5 daily on food when I was working but Im on maternity leave at the moment so Im eating at home which is much cheaper plus Im living on statutory maternity pay which is buttons. :sigh:

I dont think £36 is expensive for the diet, its just that Ive just moved house and with Christmas and my little girls birthday coming up Im finding things a little tight. We always manage to eat on whatever little money we have left but somehow finding nearly £150 a month is a little harder.

Anyway Ive now made my mind up and I am going to speak to the pharmacist tomorrow about refeed and then Im going on to ww. I dont want to be miserable in my pursuit of thiness. It would be selfish of me to carry on when my baby needs a happy mummy.

Im happy with my decision now and I'll still come here if you dont mind!

Thank you for all your lovely kind words and good luck to everyone! I'll still be on after my WI tomorrow xx

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