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I don't understand? :(


I will succeed!!!
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I had a naughty day last week but lost 0.5lbs cause I pulled it back in the last two days before WI. Knowing that naughties can fight back after a hiding out period, I made sure I was 100% good this week...and I was!!!

I've not gone over syns any day, staying under 10. And I've done a lot of exercise too - probably 7 hours at least on top of the usual walking I do at work (I've done 4 of them in last few days alone).

But yet I put on 1lb at WI tonight....why???


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It might be your "naughty" catching up from last week....or it could be water retention?? 1lb is so easy to fluctuate....its prob nothing you've done so just carry on 100% and see what next week brings....you've done really well so far so don't let it knock you off track....


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id say it caught up too or could be just a water retention as already said,maybe star week coming?


I will succeed!!!
S: 13st3lb C: 12st8.5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.4 Loss: 0st8.5lb(4.59%)
id say it caught up too or could be just a water retention as already said,maybe star week coming?
I thought it might be my naughty day, but I've done so much cardio on top of normal. I thought maybe a small loss at worst given how hard I've worked. And when I figured out the calouries in what naughties I had, it wasn't even that bad really - not compared to what I thought.

I'm really p*ssed off but won't give up. I don't like giving up :) xx
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Awww...! I am glad to hear you're not giving up. That's the spirit :D

Could be different things.
- last week catching up with you
- bit toooo much exercise (strange, but it has been known)
- warm weather causing a bit of water retention
- bodies are generally weird-working things :)

I bet you it'll be a good loss for you next week x
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Someone mentioned to me the last time I gained that perhaps I was doing too much exercise and maybe that's the case with you? Maybe lots of exercise is making your body hold on to every little ounce it can, it thinks it needs to. I've cut my workouts down to twice a week at the gym and 2 evenings a week at karate and waiting to see the outcome on the scales tomorrow but my clothes don't feel any tighter so at worst I've just maintained lol. But give it a shot, it might work.

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It might be catching up with you. Or maybe you need to drink more in this heat, to stop fluid retention. It must have been horrible to put on a pound but if you stick at it you'll probably have a really good one next week!


Bring it on!
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As everyone says it's probably fluid retention, or if you had a big drink before WI that makes a huge difference (1 pint of water adds 1lb at weigh in) Just think you'll make up for when you weigh in next week.


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If you really up your exercise then you will retain water in your muscles, which can result in a temporary gain on the scales.This can last a couple of weeks, BUT you will be able to record a reduction in measurements, and after that 2 weeks you will lose weight faster, and change shape more quickly as your metabolism will be running faster. Keep with it Hun and you will reap the rewards!


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I can't really add much to what's been said.
It could be 101 reasons - don't beat yourself up, you're human!
Keep track of your measurements as well as your weight - it's a pleasant suprise!

Keep positive,

Natt xxx

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