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i dont want my shakes

i'v been up since 6.30 not yet had a shake,i'm not even hungry just thirsty, i still cant go to the loo (no2). I had 2 senakot last night and nothings happened. I woke early hours this morning with stomach cramps and feel really bloated and full. My trousers have just popped open which i didn't think would happen whilst losing weight lol.
Please help i feel like s**t
xx lucy xx:cry:
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rainbow brite

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Hun, whether you want your shakes or not you still have to have them. I had this conversation with my boyfriend last night - I was sat with my chocolate shake and just swilling it around the shaker because I didn't want it and he pointed out that I had to have it because it's the only source of nutrients that I'm having. We're on a diet of about 400ish cals per day and missing out one third of that is a very bad idea. I know you might not want to have your shake hun but force it down and you might end up feeling better. Also, don't worry too much about your trousers, you could quite possibly still be retaining water so just make sure you drink as much of the stuff as possible and it may sort that out.

As for the senakot, I have no idea as I've never used it, I'm a Dulcolax girl myself. Perhaps get a different type of pill? Ask your pharmacist or look online hunni.

Hope you feel better soon x


Back on the wagon!
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Good advice from Gemma hun....always take all your shakes - you will go into starvation mode if you dont and making loosing harder....also I found Dulcolax more "effective"....also keep drinking water even when you dont feel like it...helps the no 2s also!!!


Says it as it is!!!
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Definately get some ducolax ..take 2 before bed! and you will have no probs in the morning! Senekot don't work for me either tbh!
You MUST, MUST MUST have all your shakes otherwise you will be ill and your body will go into starvation mode..hindering any wieght loss!!
Keep plodding you will get there!
I dont always want my shakes either but I do try to have them cos you need the nutrition and it will make you feel unwell if you dont. Try drinking more water too that helps with the toilet issues!!
thanx guys i will force my shakes down me if i have to i know i need them just feel like i could stomach them. I'm only on day 5 please tell me it gets easier. Sorry to be a pain with all the questions i'm just struggling a little right now.
xx lucy xx


Says it as it is!!!
C: 8st11lb G: 8st11lb
It definately does get easier..try splitting the shakes down, half them into 6 portions, then you wont feel so full and bloated on them
Try adding the vanilla to coffee so its just like a latte! yum

rainbow brite

S: 15st1lb C: 12st6.6lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 30 Loss: 2st8.4lb(17.25%)
I'll tell you honestly honey, my days 5 and 6 were the worst! I got really down and cheated and then got really down. Gaz kicked me up the bum and I got myself into a new mindset. Haven't cheated once since and haven't even wanted to. I swear it gets easier honey, you'll have that first WI and be over the moon.

What part specifically is bringing you down sweetie?
its the tummy ache i feel bigger now than when i first started. I also feel really tired and run down one minute i'm dancing round the kitchen the next i'm nearly in tears. I have 3 kids to look after and i need to cheer up i dont wanna be moody round them. I gonna make myself a shake and see if it'l make me feel better.
i'v had latte for the last 3 days i think my taste buds are changing cos i felt sick after it yesterday it wasn't as nice as the first one i made x
iknow its horrible when you feel like **** but IT DOES get better I promise. By this time next week you will be finding things so much better. Just grit your teeth and take it one day at a time :)


Says it as it is!!!
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I reckon after the ducolax tonight you will feel much better... constipation makes you feel sluggish, irratible and down right knackered!!
juicy Lucy - I too an on day 5 and am finding today really hard. haven't been to loo either but gonna take dulcolx to-night as tht it was only senokot you could have.
I think cos its week-end too its harder. Hang on in there, I am going too and also have a little girl to look after. Keep thinking if I do this I will have lots of energy when we go on hol late Sep. Good luck for WI.


Silver Member
awww hun, i can remember my first week - i was on this site more than ever!! I felt like crap - was starved to the bone, headachey, felt faint, and wondered if weigh in day was ever gonna get here - but it does and boy does it give you a lift - i promise ya by the middle of your second week u will wonder what all the fuss was about!!

if u want to gripe just come on here - we have all been where u are and can empathise with ya.

just keep on plodding hun - u will get through it :D
thanx guys i do feel a little better now. I had to force my shake down me, i just feel tired now but i'l be ok. I'l have a hot bath and a early night and then just tomorrow to get through before my first weigh in on monday. I'l be devestated if i haven't lost anything. But still not sure wether i'm in ketosis yet. I have the groggy mouth, headaches, blurred vision, etc but haven't got a stix to test, oh well roll on monday!!!


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It is very normal when you change your diet for whatever reason to have trouble with bowel movement...it can go either way...constipation or diarrhoea.

I have found it is constipation with me and the only thing I have found to work is the Dulco-Lax...2 tablets is enough and it can take 24 hours for it to work, I would not take anymore than two as they are very strong.

Some might need the extra help of the occasional use of suppositories.

I find after the first week things do settle down and I make sure to take one teaspoonful of fibre clear in a class of water every day.

Also, I think the flapjacks do help as they contain extra fibre in them.

It is important to drink enough water throughout the day...

I don't feel hungry most days and find it easy to forget a pack and having all your packs is essential to stay in good health.

Wonderful good advice on this thread and experience.

The diet does become easier and becomes a way of life within a few weeks.

You have so much to look forward to that is positive :)

Love Mini xxx
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Hi Hun,

Try a large heaped teaspoon of Fibreclear in each shake. I've been 3 times this week (tmi I know) just doing that. I haven't had to take a laxative at all.

Good luck hun.


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