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S: 19st13lb C: 15st9lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 4st4lb(21.51%)
I know I do, but how can you go from being a right old 'Scoffer' to trying to be realistic about what is a normal portion?

I've been doing EE for 2 weeks and felt that yes I am losing, but at this rate I'll still be this size come xmas.
I want to be losing 1-2lb a week not 1/2 lb which is slow.

I do think my problem is too much food--
When I have dinner I have loads of meat ,take slices of beef for example-
I will have not 2/3 slices I will have 5/6 slices and they are not small slices either
I will have loads of veg literally piled up and will put 2 yorkys on top of that as well, but because its free i eat loads
Then I will sit there and my belly is telling me to get a banana and a yoghurt,
but my head is saying but im not hungry so why?
Then I will sit there and the little voice is saying ...get it at 9 then you will have waited a few hours for it..
Its like my belly is telling me to get all this food that my head doesnt want.
Im not one of these people that has supper in the evening ,so why now am i feeling the need to get something that i dont want.
Take today for instance- Ive had 2 weetabix and for lunch i had a chicken salad with homemade coleslaw- the mayo content was 7.5 syns but i made a big pot full and probably had about 1 syns worth,also had a big banana and mullerlight- but I know I will have to have a jacket tate and beans for tea and probably more salad, so is this too much or do you think my portion size is the problem here. I know its says on EE that you should have 1/3 plate of veg- I will have at least 1/2 the plateful of veg.

I seriously think I am just a pig and need to reduce my portion size but I am struggling with this.
Please dont suggest going out for a walk at night or do something, because we have a disabled child and we cannot get out (too cold for son),so we sit here every night and watch telly -I would love to go swimming, but I know the minute I start to go my OH will say oh thats fair, what am I supposed to do- we have had this situation for 23 years- so we dont do anything ,because its not fair on the other person . We have 2 daughters but dont ask them to babysit as they will do nothing but moan about it. So we are stuck with the situation.
Any ideas and advice girls??
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You've done so well hun, I'm like you which is why I'm starting SW, I have no off switch, I starved myself on W8 & CD and then when I got back to food realise I just eat and eat.. and not normal sized portions. I guess the key is to fill up on free foods and try and eat what you think are normal portion sizes... I feel for you, that's half my battle too... xx
Can you do something in the evening to keep your hands busy? Knitting, sewing, crochet etc etc?

I found when doing EE I was the same, I ate more that I should 'because it was free'. I lost 1lb in my first week, then put 0.5lb on the following. I realised then that EE wasn't for me so I went back to green and lost 1.5lb.

Maybe EE isn't the way for you if you are having portion issues??

Mrs V

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Hey Hun...I didnt want to read your post and not reply.
This was my problem so I can sympathise with you totally. My problem was that my body would never shut off from feeling hungry and thinking about where my next meal was coming from was all I could manage in a day!!
SW is good, but sadly as food is classed as Free, or unlimited, you can eat as much as you want. Now to the "normal" person thats heaven, but to someone like me, it was a challenge! If someone told me that because chicken is a free food on a red day you can have as much as you want, I would happily tuck into 2 whole chickens on average a day! I dont understand portion control, as no one has told me how to.
My only resort (and please dont think that this is something I am persuading you to do!!!!) was to have a gastric band fitted. I now dont have the problem of not realising I am full as my pouch tells me. I have reduced my portion sizes by so much its unbelievable! I have a sideplate to eat from and if my food isnt eaten after 30 mins it goes in the bin. Can I suggest that you have a look at the portion sizes of those around you. Double guess the size you eat compared to the size of say your partner/children.
You obviously know that you are eating more than you should, but think "would xxxxx eat this amount?"
Put your cutlery down inbetween mouthfulls, sip water as well. Quite often our bodies are thirsty over hunger and you have to recognise this.

I hope this give you some thought? Sorry to have waffled, but I understand Hun, I really do.



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Hi Hun, can i ask how many bananas you have a week as we were talking about this in class yesterday and it seems the majority of members have to limit the amount of these as it slows their lose down, i know its citrus fruits for me and also bacon because of its salt content can retain fluid so i don't eat this in excess. Just a thought hun. xxx


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i haven even switched from one diet to another and i do that !!!that is the point of free food though so you can eat as much as you want some people just dont have an off button so they cant control it the one thing you can control is WHAT your eating you wanna gorge do it as much as you want just do it with free stuff XXX
S: 19st13lb C: 15st9lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 4st4lb(21.51%)
Hi Hun, can i ask how many bananas you have a week as we were talking about this in class yesterday and it seems the majority of members have to limit the amount of these as it slows their lose down, i know its citrus fruits for me and also bacon because of its salt content can retain fluid so i don't eat this in excess. Just a thought hun. xxx
I can have 2 a day, but mostly its one -so if i say 10 in a 7 day week,but i have been doing this ever since starting SW
S: 19st13lb C: 15st9lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 4st4lb(21.51%)
im off to work soon, so because i know i will be hungry later(im not at this minute)
and i wont be home from work till 10 and dont want to eat at that time of night -ive just had scrambled egg and beans . Didnt need it but it will hopefully keep me going through the evening at work tonight. Which is sooo hard cos i work in a shop !!
when i know my belly will be saying ........
''FEED ME NOW !!!''


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Hi....I don't know if this is any good as an idea but what about reading something like paul mckenna - think yourself slim (or something like that...can't remember exactly.....) I think its more a case of getting your head in the right place to diet....you obviously recognise that you eat more than you need to satisfy your hunger as you have told us that so you need something to tell your brain you're not really hungry...

What about board games with your other half....or suduko or crosswords.....anything to get your mind off of food in the evening....


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How about you take just 1 slice off your plate, then next week another, then your body might not feel the change, and replace that slice with abit more veg if you think you'll be hungry.
I think that this is why WW have changed their core plan as alot of folk weren't loosing very well on it. It's actually suprising to see how little protein you can eat and not get hungry as long as you fill up on free food.But with WW points they reduce them as the weight goes down as your body needs less calories to function. Good luck.
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Swap bananas for something else,i dont lose much on weeks where I have them daily.Also watch the yorkies!Do you like Mugshots?Nice and warming/filling and free!have one a little before a large meal you wont eat half as much.


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Get yourself a real nice fancy pasta bowl.. bigger than a cereal bowl but not as large as a dinner plate.. and use that for your servings.. it will look like you have really piled it up and yet you havent.. I like to think I am going to be full when I have eaten so I fool myself into thinking I have a huge portion.. try it ..it works :D


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I agree with the other posts, when I first gained weight I had an issue with portion size. I come from a family that dishes up huge meals and you're expected to clear your plate - this isn't so bad if you're eating healthy food. When I left home and ate differently this portion issue didn't help my figure at all. I have had to retrain myself to recognise my body's signals and realise when I am full. A meal shouldn't end with you feeling uncomfortable and fit to burst, you should be just satisfied. If this means leaving food on your plate then that's fine, better to have ate what you wanted and enjoyed it instead of forcing it down until you feel bloated and ill.
I know what you mean about evenings as well though as I am a boredom eater - the thing that works best for me is to constantly have a big mug of hot sugar free squash by me (vimto is my poison). If I'm drinking something comforting then I don't pick when I'm not really hungry.
Emski's comment about your plate is a great one too, I use the small plates in my dinner set and you'll feel a lot greedier when you're trying to overflow a plate so it naturally reduces the amounts. Best of luck hun x
S: 19st13lb C: 15st9lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 4st4lb(21.51%)
thanxs for all your advice girls, I will try and cut down my pigging out at dinner !!
We do have smaller plates than we used to have, its amazing how clever you get at balancing things !!-but i will try ..promise.
I also think i will go back to red /green days- i need to lose weight before we go to Blackpool ;);)


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I think red and green days work better if you're not very good at portion control. It's funny how being 'on a diet' can make your head want food even when you're not hungry. I'd definitely read the Paul McKenna book, and try eating slowly so your body gets more time to realise it's full before the plate's empty!


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Im really sorry but I have not read everyones reply so sorry if I am repeating anything already said.

I have BED (binge eating disorder) and so eating large amounts is a real problem for me. I find the best things for me are to drink a pint of cold water before eating and also doing a hobby which occupies my hands. Sounds silly but it does help. xx


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S: 31st11.5lb C: 31st4.5lb G: 14st11lb BMI: 56.3 Loss: 0st7lb(1.57%)
meant to say i drink water then wait 20-30 minutes and if i want food i will have a piece of fruit xx
S: 19st13lb C: 15st9lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 4st4lb(21.51%)
meant to say i drink water then wait 20-30 minutes and if i want food i will have a piece of fruit xx
thats a good idea ..think what i'll do is drink juice and tell my belly to bugger off LOL
S: 15st1lb C: 13st11lb BMI: 32.1 Loss: 1st4lb(8.53%)
you need to also realise, its not your belly telling you, you want it, i can assure you, your belly is full and your mind is playing tricks with you. Maybe go and have a bath read a magazine, just move away from your dinner once you have finnished.

Another good hint is to slow down when you are eating that way you will feel fuller with less food, also if you always (like me) feel like you have to finish your plate because it still looks good even though you feel sick, gput less on your plate (ask someone else to dish it up for you) and then if your still hungry go back for more. I know i always feel more satisfied if i finish my plate.

Dont know if that will help but good luck!!
I too struggle with the amount of food I want to eat, even when not hungry.

What I have found has worked for me is that I have accepted that yes I can eat as much as I want but if I do then I must make sure I have loads of speed foods (fruit and veg etc) to fill me up and the weeks when I have plenty of the speed foods is when I have better weight losses.

Try and focus on what meals you can make with these speed foods - butternut squash is my favorite one at the minute and I keep looking for menus where i can use these foods in abundance.

In fact - have we got a thread that we can all put menus and meals that focus on the speed foods anywhere? If not we could start one.

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