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i failed myself !


reaching my goal
Hi all,
Today has been a struggle badly all i can think about was food it felt like i was going mad my body felt awful like a pain . I know it probably sounds stupid but it was what i felt these voices in my head were telling me what to eat images running through my brain ... Then i walked to the fridge and stuffed my face all in the space of 5mins i binged . I wanted to cry so i told my partner and he looked at me with disapointment , i understand because i was doing so well and know im a huge disapointment . Why do i do it to myself it wasnt as if i enjoyed it .
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Because in the past you have been able to make yourself feel better with food so that's what you have just tried to do again - old habits and all that. :(

Instead of dwelling on your "failure" you need to analyse what you have done and why, and look at how it's made you feel.

You felt like you had an empty space inside you so you tried to fill it with food but it didn't work did it?

That means that whatever it is you're looking for, food isn't the answer for you. Now that you know that you will be able to be stronger next time you feel like that.

I don't know what you've eaten or how bad your "binge" has been, you may not want to share that and that's fine.

Your OH is not disappointed with you, he's disappointed for you cos he knows how well you are doing. There's a big difference!

You can't undo what you've done, but you can learn from it and move forward a stronger and wiser person. :patback:
Yambabe is right Rose, learn from this and carry on. We care just human after all and sometimes these things happen. You will be a stronger person after this, just remember how you feel now and it will be easier to stop yourself next time. Good luck girl.


reaching my goal
thank you very much , tommorow is a new day and i will do better and when i fell those urges i will ask my self why im feeling like that and take myself for a walk .


Rebel without a calorie
Put it behing you, learn from it and saddle up again tomorrow.
One blip after several weeks does not mean the end of the diet! It means you're human - just like the rest of us.
Please don't dwell on this. I've done it and got straight back on after and I don't consider myself a failure xx


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The important thing is to put it behind you and jump straight back in - if you dwell on it too much it will work against you. You have done so well and you can do it so GO FOR IT :)
Bren xx


is slowly shrinking
been there got the t-shirt. Dear oh dear, i felt the same last week, but like they say u gotta saddle up again. I felt like i failed when i did it, do u remmber what u said to me, we are not failures like mark say we human.
Rose u have alot going on in yr house with yr kids etc u deserve a medal, u do so much running around, u have done well so far, so what u had a blip,i only lost 1 this week but when we was at ww we didn get this far, pete should be proud of u, prove it to him u can get straight back on, i am here if u need me, we will do this together, we are in for the long haul.x


reaching my goal
Thanks to every one for there support , i am feeling alot better today i think i needed to get the binge out the way and know i have . I know im going to have bad days but like you said you got to pick your self up and start again . Im starting to do toneing today so i am going to do this i will get a good result nxt week and every week after that. What would i do without you all.
THANKS shirley you are a great friend to me and a support:)
Glad you feel better today.:)
Hi Rose


We fail when we decide not to do it because.......[insert any excuse here and justify it]

Sucess is making brave decision to continue where you left off before the blip and that is all it is one tiny blip in the scheme of the overall success that you are having.

It seems to me that there are many on here who have had blips and they forgave themselves put it behind them and started a fresh with the focus to carry on where they left off.

And since we are all in the same boat, this is what you shall be doing too.

One day at a time



reaching my goal
thanks amber you are right it is a blip and nothing else , im going to reach my goal and if i do that then its an achivement in my life i can be proud of and when i look in the mirror i can see what i have done xx

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