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I failed on Day 1!....

Ok, so it was all going great, I even enjoyed (if that's the correct term) my choc milkshake for brekkie.....started on the water and was going great...no hunger, more water, more water....toilet, water, toilet, water...before I know it, lunch time passed and I didn't even feel hungry....so I tried a warm cappuccino shake at around 4pm...didn't like that much but drank about half then flushed it down with more water....all was good until I cooked tea for the kids :cry:

homemade oven baked potato fritters...lots of salt and vinegar - just couldn't resist but only had a few....then a couple of strips of pastrami.....prob less than 100 cals in all but the worst is yet to come!

later that evening when I was all alone (OH was watchin footy!)...I scooped about 1/3 jar of nutella with a spoon and straight into my gob....then 4 little kit kats.....a kellogg's 11's raisin bake bar and I'm sure there was something else I just can't remember.....

it's as if I was sleep walking - never thought I was a binger until recently, I think I have issues :sign0009: HELP ME!
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Sorry, other folks will give you hugs and say nice things, me - I give out kicks but only on request;)
Wwell done, just try and get in the soup and shake grove and then it's easy.

By the way I'm a bloke so it's SIR !! :D

Time4Me - Can you find me a cartoon thingy that shows a good kicking ??

oops. day one that was BAD!! very very bold!! I try and keep busy and usually go online or go upstairs do ironing or something while my lot are having there tea.
I would put it down to nervouness and the fact that you are not quite used to it yet. Put it behind you (preferebly in the bowl after a good dump!) and start again. You'll be in ketosis soon adn that will make things alot better. Also 1st weigh in is always an incentive.

Look at it this way, there will be plenty of other days in a few motnhs time when you can join the kids during the meal but this is something you have to do for yourself. Try to keep your mind busy at these times, maybe even relax and read a book or watch tv at that time.
Thanks for all the support (ish!)... I just don't know why I don't feel I can do this. I just love tasty food.....tea time is the only meal we all sit together, it's a huge sacrifice for me. I don't even think it's just about the food? Has anyone else failed in the first few days but are ok now?
Why dont you look into SS+ where you can have a small meal or the 790/810 plan where you can have a bigger meal each day - then if you all enjoy a daily meal together you will still have this - have a chat with your CDC xx
I think you may be right. I'm finding I can go all day with shakes & water no problemo...it's around tea time I start feeling deprived. It's not even hunger, it's deprivation! And I'm a girl that has to have what she's not supposed to.... will I ever be skinny? Only the next few weeks will tell? I feel like a BIG FAT LOSER when I look at all the impressive losses on here. You guys need medals :party0019:

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