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I failed

I had my weigh in this morning and I have put on a pound :( and I know exactly why, I only have myself to blame.

This week was basically a catalogue of disasters, and I was too weak and lazy to deal with some hurdles that came my way.

First off, I did not plan my meals properly and I did not track all the time.

My mum bought loads of maltesers and mini mars bars for trick or treaters, we didn't even have any come round so they were left on the kitchen table, and I would walk past and have "just one or two".

Then my fridge went kaput so I didn't have any ham for lunches, milk for breakfast etc for a couple of days. Had an egg for breakfast one day, but the rest of the time I had toast with jam, which isn't all that filling for the 6 points it is worth. So I would get to lunch time and be starving and wandering the streets for some food; I am really fussy and hate most food that you can get on the go (I can't stand mayonnaise, and it's impossible to find a sandwich without mayonnaise, let alone a healthy one!). So I ended up eating things that maybe weren't the most sensible.

I worked late one night and just ate what my family had eaten once I got home. I can't even remember what it was but it wasn't that wholesome.

My internet has also been playing up this week so instead of looking up points I have been guestimating. I know I overestimated some food so I am fairly certain I underestimated others!

I went out with colleagues and had wine and crisps for dinner last night, never a good idea....

And finally, it has been that time of the month so I have been overindulgent, convinced that sugary treats have medicinal properties and relive cramps :D

So, all in all I have been fairly rubbish and today I face the repercussions. I wasn't overly optimistic when I got to the meeting and to be honest I was expecting a lot worse so one pound on is me getting off lightly. But I was still really gutted, I feel like I have undone all my hard work. I was walking through town afterwards and felt really glum and then I got home and had a bit of a mini-cry :eek: haha what a loser (or gainer?).

But, time to close the door on last week and move on, I suppose. I must not let one setback ruin everything. It takes so much effort to lose the weight but not a lot is needed to put it back on! On the plus side I have been keeping my exercise up, and I didnt even touch the mountain of takeaway curry with naan, pilau rice and poppadums which my family had for tea on friday, opting instead for scrambled egg on toast. So I guess I can muster up some willpower when the mood takes me.

If nothing else, this week has proved to me that the plan does work. Follow it and you will lose, don't follow it and you will gain... simple as that!
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Chronic dieter!!!
Hey Sucette!
Well you could have just written out my week - i too gained 1 lb this week and did A LOT of things that i shouldn't have done. BUT i firmly believe on getting right back on that horse - stubborn mule that it is! - so why don't we help each other to keep on track this week (if you like :) ) by writing on here at the end of each day 1 thing that went really well that day so that we keep focus of all the positive changes we are making :) What do you think?


Grappling with life
I didn't do even half of that and gained 1lb this week. Had i done all that I would be gaining 4lb!! You know where its come from, its waaaay worse when you gain 1lb and have no idea why.

It is done, the damage has been recorded so lets crack on with a fab week next week.

BTW be starving and wandering the streets for some food conjured visions of you dragging yourself through the town centre, dragging your arms beside you wailing FEED ME! I'm wasting away! I'm sure it wasn't quite like that mind;)

A pound is nothing!!! To go so far off plan and only lose a pound is fab, it shows that most of the week you were still actually making good choices! I say well done, could have so much worse!!!

However it probably shows how easily you could go off coming up to xmas, I thin it wouldn't hurt for you to start putting something in place to help you then xxx
Thanks for your kind and motivating words, guys! It helps and makes me feel less like a weird emotional mad woman (just a tad less, mind).

Margarino, a great idea :D My thing that went well today was I dug out some old WW magazines and picked out some lovely recipes, some I have never tried before, and written a list of food for the week. Off to the supermarket tomorrow

BTW be starving and wandering the streets for some food conjured visions of you dragging yourself through the town centre, dragging your arms beside you wailing FEED ME! I'm wasting away! I'm sure it wasn't quite like that mind;)
Haha that's pretty much it, except I don't think many people would believe me about the wasting away. I get so stressed about lunch though. I got a soup one day and it was way too spicy for me, the next day I was stood in Sainsbury's looking blankly at the shelf and ended up getting a bread roll and some beef slices after about 35 minutes walking through the streets wailing a bit inside because I couldn't find anything to eat and was so tempted to just get a cheese toastie. I work in Soho and the lack of sensible choices is fairly depressing for the heart of London.

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